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Ballad of Easy Rider

Published September 7, 2012 by Dorothy

I won!!!

I have written my novel at long last!

I’ve just spent the week bragging about it on facebook, twitter and whateverbook. Any social network I could get my hands on, really. I phoned and emailed the good news around. My novel is written! now just a little tweak here and there and it’s ready for publication, and I am sure ready for glory, my hands already outstretched to received the many literary prizes and bagfuls of money that come with it. Except…

I followed the advice I read on my “how to revise your book” guide. I had the manuscript printed and put it away for a few days, so that I could distance myself from my story, and then I was ready to re-read it, and see it with a new eye. Yeah, well, the new eye is a picky old bitch.It spotted loads of work to do, chapters to rewrite, typos, anachronisms; seems like the few tweaks have turned into a “Bulldoze and rebuild” operation. If I had to use a metaphor, I would say that I have the skeleton of the story right, all is in place, it can stand upright, but I do have to flesh it out.

So I’m starting by scribbling all I want to change on my printed copy, I’m carrying it everywhere with me and anytime I can, I pull it out of my bag and read a bit and make corrections. then I’ll start editing it on my computer next week. I haven’t lost courage yet ūüôā

Just so you know what I’ve been on about all of this time, here’s the synopsis I posted on Camp Nanowrimo :

Alicia is afraid of water. Alicia is afraid of spiders and bees, she’s also so terrified of germs that she has to wash her hands three times every time she touches something dirty. Alicia is also very afraid of the dark and she’s so shy that she’s afraid of speaking to other people in case they think she’s stupid.
Oliver is an artist. He’s bored of his job playing music in that crappy bar when he meant to be a rockstar, but he’s too lazy to really do something to further his career. He’s bored of his parents who are incredibly uptight and insist that he has to go back to college and get himself a proper job. He’s bored of girls that only like him because he’s handsome. He’s bored of being so brilliant that everything comes to him easily.

When carefree, happy go lucky Oliver meets challenging, strange yet charming Alicia, they instantly connect.

But twenty one days after they meet,the accident. Alicia was just coming out of her shell thanks to Oliver and now he is gone.

But he’s not, actually, because the next morning, Alicia wakes up to realize that she’s jumped back in time three month before it happened, and two month before they met, back when he had a jealous girlfriend who would do anything to keep him.

Now it’s up to her to keep the accident from happening, only it’s hard when he doesn’t recognize you, you don’t remember anything at all about what happened to him and you’re afraid of your own shadow…


Stay tuned folks!



Tongue Tied

Published August 23, 2012 by Dorothy

Hey y’all!!

Okay if you are a writer, or an aspiring novelist that needs motivation, I highly recommend Camp Nanowrimo. It’s a community of writer that helps you get organized and motivated to write or finish your novel of 50000 words in one month, starting the 1st of each month. I signed up for August and guess what! My novel is almost finished! I am so glad. I usually write and rewrite for years and years and never get to the result I want. That website, combined with Alan Watt’s book the ninety days novel¬†finally helped me vanquish my inner self critic and my bad procrastinating habits.

I mean, I am still a lazy cow but nanowrimo really helped, mostly ¬†because I kind of had the shits that this girl in my nanowrimo writing group worked wayyyy faster than me, so I worked a lot everyday to finish my novel before she did. Every participant of the writing group encourages each other like that, it’s really cool.

On a new note, I’m working in a restaurant again. Seriously. But I actually like it because

a) my manager is Michael Cera’s lost twin. Isn’t that cool? He just looks and feel exactly the same. Liking him.

b) The team is a team of drunkards. I was invited to a dinner by one of my workmates; we started on appetizers and drinks at 9.30 pm but we never got past  this stage because by 10 pm, after tasting a bit of this a bit of that, a shot of this and a shot of that, we were all pissed, so we skipped dinner.

Well, I guess kahlua can count as a desert, can’t it? There’s milk and all in it! We drank our dinner, like we used to say in Australia.

Anyways, I mean, these people are almost like Irish or Aussie people! How lucky am I? My work team rules.

c) After all the difficult jobs I’ve done, this one seems so relaxing. I mean, we’re serious but relaxed. There’s no twelve hours days, no seven days a week, no sweating two pints every hour hauling bags of fruits under the sun, no having to deal with nerve racking conflicts and incredible pressure every day. Everyone was telling me that this jobs would be so stressful but after my old jobs, this is just holidays under the sun. I mean, I’m stressed because it’s me and I’m always anxious, but not so overstressed that I can’t function right and go home every night with a migraine and the serious need of downing a bottle of Jameson in order to unwind.

i’m gonna let you guys go, I’ve got some serious novel writing to do!!

stay tuned,


PS: Still hard to adjust back to Paris. I suspect you might find me elsewhere next year ūüėČ

Where Is My Mind

Published April 26, 2011 by Dorothy

cliffs of Moher

These days are busy days and I am thankful for that. Being very busy means less time to thinkthinkthink and frankly my overactive brain does need the break.

There’s that time, in your life, when you’re so eager to grow up. You count your steps up to adulthood: how many centimeters taller since last year, how many baby teeth you’ve lost,¬†how¬†adult your once shapeless body is turning. And then, when eventually there’s no countdowns left¬†and you are fully grown, you realize. You’ve been so busy climbing, haven’t you when youth was on your side; and now you’re on top you’re going to¬†tumble down¬†the slippery slope of growing old.

And there’s that time, like today, when you are like at a¬†crossroads and you feel you don’t have time to hesitate and wander your way through life anymore.You see,¬†this is the exact moment when “what you could be” is turning into “what you’ve become”. Time to make definite choices. Stressful times for me altogether.

Anyways on a happier note ūüėÄ

a) I’m now halfway through the visa process

¬†b) I’ve discovered I’ll be allowed TWO suitcases on the plane PLUS hand luggage that weighs 18 kgs¬†which, (if you happen to know me you will know why), is the best news ever ūüėÄ .I mean, seriously, most of these companies allow you only 30 kilos¬†or something. How can I,¬†with just 30 kgs allowed,¬†bring a decent selection of novels, DVD’s,¬†party dresses,musical instruments,¬†clothes for warm weather, clothes for cold weather?¬†(ok, it’s going to be tropical climate but you never know do you? I mean,¬†I saw on telly that it snowed in Africa, once. I bet that time¬†tourists regretted that they didn’t pack their jumpers.ha.).¬†I’ve never been on a AA plane but it’s already my fave company.

c) I’m coming up with a satisfying plot for the novel. I am still working it out though, because it’s sort of complex. I had to draw a little timeline to remind myself what happens and why¬† because I keep getting lost in all the terrific twist of my future page turner. I’m like but why did Brenda’s mammy got squished by the dragon before Brenda was born,¬†was that a clever twist in the story or was¬†I drunk when I wrote or what? And also,¬†one day,¬†I came up with a super good enigma¬†to spice up my¬†plot, I was so happy with meself and all!problem, though¬†: I forgot the answer to the enigma and now, despite hours of¬†thinking about it¬†I can’t decipher my own mystery!What an eejit. Some Agatha Christie in the making, arent’t I!

d) Thor and Country Strong will be in cinemas soon ūüôā and I am hoping to see¬†Hesher too

Anyways, the pixies for ye

Have a nice day!



Published March 8, 2011 by Dorothy

I couldn’t sleep last night.

Sleepless nights are gloomy, especially when you don’t have sky tv and have to watch reruns of the A-Team, documentaries about the eating habits of Peruvian bull-ants and movies nobody ever heard about¬†starring George Clooney when he had a mullet. So I:

  • Listened to music that reminded me¬†of good times. Music is magic. When you listen to music, it fills up with precious moments, memories beautiful like gems. And then, later on, when you’re sad and you listen to it, it brings the beauty, taste and feel of those ancient, special days back.
  • Went through pictures of my travelling. When in a gloomy, unproductive mood, the sight of faraway, foreign sceneries always lifts my mood. Here you can see a pic I took in Firoda. Of all the pictures I brought back from the Emerald Isle, this one is one of my favourite.
  • Wrote a “to do” list for the trip I’ve got to take in June. Janey Macaroni. I have to a) pack a suitcase that weighs less than 25 kilos, and figuring out how to do this¬†will take me at least a month. b) go to Paris for visas. c) visit¬†two of my three BFFs who live¬†in Grenoble. One has a¬†newborn baby I have to meet¬†before I go, otherwise I won’t see him before he’s twenty, the poor wee lad. d) get organized to ship my stuff back from Ireland. It is quite safe in Orla’s shed but I’m starting to feel really rude now, it’s been there over a year, since I’ve left it. And this year had simply been hectic, and I haven’t been able to go back.e) etcetcetcetc… Actually, this is crazy, and it didn’t help me sleep better. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do that in such a little time.
  • Wrote a part of¬†the novel. An imaginary world is just¬†what you need, when¬†you’re sighing at the dullness of the night of the real one. And I’m writing quite fast too! I just need a title. I’m never good with titles.

Have a good one and listen to this! The first tune¬†is one of my favourite tunes and despite the racket you can hear in the backgroud it’s still lovely :D. It’s really soothing to listen to at night.

Stay tuned ! Mxx


Chances Are

Published February 24, 2011 by Dorothy


It is incredibly difficult to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) these days, and get on with writing my story…even though I really really¬†want to finish it. this one, I feel it really well. I’ve collected mountains of ¬†information on the legends I want to write about. I have created a tangible world, a good enough plot (good for me anyway!) when I am usually hopeless at plotting. I am a dreamy, wandering mind; my writing is a wandering kind of writing. I like my quill to¬†just follow my random thoughts, imprecise, colorful; and then I try to tie everything into a plot, but I’m not an organized sort of person, so I find that part difficult.

But I already have built the skeleton of this particular story, all I have to do now is to flesh it out with words, I love doing that. So I don’t really understand why I’m experiencing writer’s block? Maybe because I’m not travelling. Usually, when I travel, that’s when I’m most inspired, the new people, the foreign cultures, colors, sounds¬†and smells, that fuels my quill. The quiet familiarity of my hometown, a place that doesn’t budge when the world revolves around it, that makes me feel oppressed, and so not creative.

I’m browsing the internet for tricks against writer’s block;any writers who happen to read this, if you have a trick, don’t hesitate, tell me.

¬†I’m not discouraged, though. I’m onto something, I’m quite sure, and I’m not letting go of this story. Anyway, the travelling starts again soon, I’ll get my writing mojo back, then!

Chances are, It’ll be finished by august.

Check back with me then!

thanks for being around to read all my rambling and a country song for you to conclude this article.


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