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Tongue Tied

Published August 23, 2012 by Dorothy

Hey y’all!!

Okay if you are a writer, or an aspiring novelist that needs motivation, I highly recommend Camp Nanowrimo. It’s a community of writer that helps you get organized and motivated to write or finish your novel of 50000 words in one month, starting the 1st of each month. I signed up for August and guess what! My novel is almost finished! I am so glad. I usually write and rewrite for years and years and never get to the result I want. That website, combined with Alan Watt’s book the ninety days novel finally helped me vanquish my inner self critic and my bad procrastinating habits.

I mean, I am still a lazy cow but nanowrimo really helped, mostly  because I kind of had the shits that this girl in my nanowrimo writing group worked wayyyy faster than me, so I worked a lot everyday to finish my novel before she did. Every participant of the writing group encourages each other like that, it’s really cool.

On a new note, I’m working in a restaurant again. Seriously. But I actually like it because

a) my manager is Michael Cera’s lost twin. Isn’t that cool? He just looks and feel exactly the same. Liking him.

b) The team is a team of drunkards. I was invited to a dinner by one of my workmates; we started on appetizers and drinks at 9.30 pm but we never got past  this stage because by 10 pm, after tasting a bit of this a bit of that, a shot of this and a shot of that, we were all pissed, so we skipped dinner.

Well, I guess kahlua can count as a desert, can’t it? There’s milk and all in it! We drank our dinner, like we used to say in Australia.

Anyways, I mean, these people are almost like Irish or Aussie people! How lucky am I? My work team rules.

c) After all the difficult jobs I’ve done, this one seems so relaxing. I mean, we’re serious but relaxed. There’s no twelve hours days, no seven days a week, no sweating two pints every hour hauling bags of fruits under the sun, no having to deal with nerve racking conflicts and incredible pressure every day. Everyone was telling me that this jobs would be so stressful but after my old jobs, this is just holidays under the sun. I mean, I’m stressed because it’s me and I’m always anxious, but not so overstressed that I can’t function right and go home every night with a migraine and the serious need of downing a bottle of Jameson in order to unwind.

i’m gonna let you guys go, I’ve got some serious novel writing to do!!

stay tuned,


PS: Still hard to adjust back to Paris. I suspect you might find me elsewhere next year 😉


Back in the Saddle (Aerosmith,1977)

Published April 2, 2010 by Dorothy

If the book was published, the cover would look like this. I created this image and look at it to get motivated about my writing everyday.

I am doing so many things at the same time, I hardly find time for the old blog, and it is a shame, I know, but I should be back writing more often, pretty soon.

I am still working (or trying to work) everyday on my novel, trying to finish it in time for a first novel competition. My writing isn’t perfect yet but the more I write and the better I get. It is about the three years I’ve spent travelling around. Originally, I meant to write a travel diary and tell everything exactly the way it happened, but it wasn’t that good an idea. There was lots of things I didn’t really feel like sharing with anyone, and also, there‘s some people I‘m talking about, and I don‘t think they‘d like to recognise themselves. Therefore, I decided to create an imaginary heroine for my story, and I mixed up events, changed names and made characters unrecognisable, and voilà! I turned it into a fiction. I‘m still describing a journey similar to my own , though, with all the places I‘ve visited, this much hasn‘t changed. By the way, I’m not too sure about the title yet, so any suggestions are very welcome J . My Temporary title is « In the Sky with Diamonds », you probably wonder why : If you haven’t worked this one out, I’ll tell you.

In the sky with diamonds is

a) the lyrics to a song by the Beatles, one of my fave bands. A song I was listening to a lot during the period of time I’m describing in the novel.

b) a good metaphor for my almost permanently dreamy state of mind.

Also, it’s a long story but I could be offered a job in Florida next February. Could earn a lot of money and save it all up to pay back a friend I owe money to and also to go back to Australia. Or I might get myself a job in New Zealand, or in Canada. You never know with me.

Sudying is going quite well and I’m doing it quite fast, given that it’s distance learning and that it is extremely hard for me to concentrate on anything more than five minutes, after which my mind starts to wander in imaginary lands. After that, I’ll be a soopa doopa french teacher and I’ll be able to go around travelling and do a proper job, no more poxy mango picking in Darwin and waitressing in La Baie Des Citrons of Noumea. Can’t wait for my teaching degree!!!!!

I have found a new job not too far from home, I’m quite glad. Guess where!! The first one gets free jocks and socks.

Stay tuned!!!


Hello Goodbye

Published July 19, 2009 by Dorothy

For a few reasons, I had to leave my job in Dublin two weeks early,ahd to leave the baby Beatles…and so that means I’m back to where it all started, staying in aul’ Firoda with Little Fairy,Little Elf, mammy, daddy and the new supernanny who is nice and comes fom Italy.Iz great.Was missing them.

But, have decided am still going to go back to Dublin for fiddle lessons because

a) Don’t want to dissapear on Sinead 🙂

b) Am impatient to learn Slip Jigs and Reels

c) Fiddle lesson is the only place where I can play awful and do shite for two hours, and still get out feeling like I’m the musician of the century.All thanks to Sinead’s clever way to cricticise our performances “Yeah, the beginning was a bit funny and the end not so good,and the middle not exactly right yet, but overall, you’re all awesome, I’ve never heard a class play so well,that was wonderful,well done!”

Other news of the week

Had news from two of my three BFFs.Me and BFFs met in Australia,and now I live in Ireland, Marguerite in Korea,and Jennifer in Slovaquia.Still,even though we’re far apart,it just feels good to know they exist somewhere in the world.So am seeing BFF Marguerite this summer as we should both be in France at the same time for more than a week, ad this is an event about as rare as solar eclipses.If Jennifer can be there it would be just great! (but realistic probability of us three being on the same continent at the same time:about the same as winning tattslotto, one in several millions).

Had also occasion to talk to uncle Phil, our Aussie uncle,on the phone.Was three in the morning on a saturday night, and so was half asleep (coming back from clubbing) but still was very good to talk to him.Missing Australia loads.Loving Ireland,though.Dunno.

We’re going to west Cork with fellow nanny Do and her host family.They have a new three month old little Thumbelina baby I can’t wait to meet!!And I’m hoping to get some Irish dancing tips from six years old and four years old girls before I start in September. (Girls had already given me a crash lesson last year and I was quite hopeless at it but never mind.I’m made for Irish dancing, I mean,look at me, I have those ringlets naturally, I don’t even need to wear a wig like all these girls 😆 )

Anyway! Hello Goodbye by the Beatles!

Have a nice day 🙂


Here,There and Everywhere

Published May 6, 2009 by Dorothy

So that’s it, I’m leaving on friday.

Yesterday I was all over Dublin trying to find going away presents for Mammy and Daddy (The childen are easy to buy presents for, but mammy and daddy,it’s a different story). I settled for a book for mammy (I hope she doesn’t have it already) and a DVD about Ireland for daddy.(I know, everybody told me it’s a dumb idea, who would like to see on DVD the place you already live in and see everyday ? But it’s a very interesting dvd with good images,and interesting commentary.I know because I’ve watched it myself, and I did like it.And no, I’m not a nerdy moron.)

Anyway, after that I went  to the gift bag section of eason.The gift bags were either ginormous or tiny,I couldn’t find anything that was the right size.I eventually found the one and only bag that was the exact size of daddy’s DVD but the pastel blue color put me off a bit.I didn’t buy it in the end.Anyway, I’m almost sure presenting your boss a gift bag that reads: “Hey baby boy!” is most inapropriate.

For mammy the bags were all neon pink and saying things like “Party Girl!” “Hey cool chick” “Shoe addict”.Ditto.Didn’t buy it.

Settled for gift wrap in the end, but it got all scrunched in my bag and there’s a bit of mayo from my BLT sandwich that leaked onto mammy’s wrapper.Am wondering if I could get a bit of mayo out of the fridge and draw a pattern and tell mammy it’s art nouveau gift wrap ?

It’s not at all sinking in that I’m leaving in two days.

All things must pass, like George would say.


(song by the Beatles,1966, see video)

Almost seems (too late to turn)

Published April 28, 2009 by Dorothy

This week’s update:


Fiddle wise:


Actually I’m not that dreadful at it. I can almost manage to play all my scale without screechy noises, and I can do the Kerry polka without mistakes if I play it really slow.Though I’m still far from playing in front of millions of fans,I’m still quite pleased with my achievement.I’m hoping I’ll be good enough to attend a workshop at the Frankie Kennedy Christmas school this winter.That would be grand.


Feeling wise:


Kinda depressed actually.A bit excited.Confused.Don’t know.


I mean, I’m excited about starting music lessons in Dublin and driving lessons, and being able to go out and drink Guiness till my legs wobble under me and I lose control of my arms and then I have to be thrown out of the pub because I keep spilling my drinks on other people. (I’m actually joking, it never happened, or maybe that one teeny weeny time when I was about sixteen but it doesn’t count, does it ? You’re drunk after one drink at sixteen so it’s not like I was a binge drinker or anything.)


But I’m going to miss the little head poking in my bedroom on my day off, “Hellooooooo!Color with me! Come sitting room!”.And I’m also going to miss singing and dancing around the kitchen with the children who can’t stop laughing and telling me I’m a silly billy( I’ll probably still play Altan and dance around singing made up Irish words on my own but you know, it’s not the same without the little monkeydoos.)And I’m definitely going to miss watching Dora the Explorer and talking with the telly, and dancing like a big idiot, singing stuff in Spanish.


Now is like the winter sun, its light flickers, flimsy;it is not strong enough to warm up the air around me.


When will spring come,bringing renewal with it,when will warmth pierce through ?





Moving wise:


Done a bit more packing and cleaned under the bed.Half of my stuff was under the bed actually,so I’m glad I had the idea to look at it now and not left it to the day before I leave at three o’clock in the morning (which is what I usually would do).It took me ages to take everything out.


Still have loads of stuff to sort out,though.Will see what happens.



Novel wise:


Have made a words count this afternoon, and have almost written 21000 words, not counting the spaces, and not counting the handwritten drafts, so I’m pretty rapt with that.I have managed to write the timeline for the first three chapter.Writer’s block is gone!I think it was all due to stress because of the big move.







At night I can’t really sleep.I think and think and summon up memories from that eventful past year.

The time when we went for a walk in the country and we met these cows and the three of us spoke cow to them”MOOOOO!”.

And in the boat in West Cork, little Fairy and I holding on to each other in fright!

And I could still feel the cool little hands grabbing face between them “And I missed you when you were in Dublin”.I smiled to myself in the dark. “I’ll miss you too” I said.


Published April 21, 2009 by Dorothy

We went to a classic cars exhibition on Sunday with mammy daddy and the two little ones, in two of daddy’s classic sportscars.


What was good:


  • We had (in my opinion) the coolest cars,only we looked a little bit uncool when the batteries in one of them went flat and we had to get out and push it uphill.Mammy and I tried to help but we were quite useless.We pushed it like, tree inches forward and it was the end of it, we were panting and gagging and in need of cold drinks.So daddy had to beg a grandad who was only there to take a few pictures of the engine, to push the car with him. The car wouldn’t start.the only solution was to push it downhill but with all the visitors cars driving up, it was impossible. Had to abandon ship temporarily until people stopped coming in
  • It was sunny.
  • The cars were actually quite cool (not that I know anything about cars.Except how to scare the mickey out of the passengers when I drive one.)



What wasn’t so good:


  • Sitting on the hobbit-sized backseat of the classic Porsche. It took me approximately half an hour to get in and hallf an hour to get out.I had to duck my head and my chin was resting on my knees,and I reckon if I had had one more Twix that morning,I wouldn’t have fitted in.
  • The unfriendliness of the staff at the event. Spent the afternoon getting roared at. It started when we arrived and when daddy discovered he was a few bobs short for the entry fee and asked if he could get out of the queue and back to town to find an ATM: “No ye can’t turn round here ye have ter go forward!just gimme whatever cash ye got an get outa me way!Those bleedin tourists, they’d put years on ye!” And then I thought they were going to squish us when the car broke down in the middle of the tracks! the same lady came running as soom as she saw us getting out to push the car: “Lookit!” she yelled “Ye’re not parkin here ye mob of aul eejits!”


That was funny alltogether!


Today, day off, but not off the fiddle and the whistle! The Jig I’m learning to play on the whistle is starting to come together, and on the fiddle well, nothing is coming together really, I’m practising, to learn the fingercharts.So I just kind of play all the notes one after the other, over and over again.It is like a tune, really, it could be called “The Firoda Jig-Have you a headache yet ?-I bet Mammy regrets giving me a fiddle lesson”


Haha! Available in all good music stores soon!


After my practice I went to have a packet of Mr Tayto crisps (I won’t fit at the back of the classic car at all soon), I was crunching away thinking these crisps had some kind of unusual flavour, when I smelled my hands and realised my hands were still dusted with rosin (The resin thingy you use to powder your bow when you play the fiddle) Eww!

Well actually when I think of it, it wasn’t so bad.I’m thinking of writing to Mr Tayto and suggesting they lauch a new roisin flavour.It might be a hit with musicians.


Allright, I’ll head off!




Stay tuned.

M xx

Rainy day

Published April 17, 2009 by Dorothy

having a stay at home day today.Quite depressing-don’t know why-maybe the weather.

And you know what, there’s nothing like music practice to take your mind of things.I was practicing fiddle in the sitting room (After 397354785 hours I could play a rather terrible version of the britches full of stitches) and I was so busy worrying about my wrist inclination and my bowing and I-hope-nobody-is-going to-walk-in-on-me-and hear-that-dreadful-screeching rhat I forgot about being depressed.

here is a nice song to ornament your day,

You will notice Mairead is not playing the fiddle on that video. I can’t listen to Mairead playing the fiddle since I’ve started learning, without feeling incredibly lame 😆

ha!only kidding.I’m still addicted to Imeall!

Stay tuned, lads!

M xx

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