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Tongue Tied

Published August 23, 2012 by Dorothy

Hey y’all!!

Okay if you are a writer, or an aspiring novelist that needs motivation, I highly recommend Camp Nanowrimo. It’s a community of writer that helps you get organized and motivated to write or finish your novel of 50000 words in one month, starting the 1st of each month. I signed up for August and guess what! My novel is almost finished! I am so glad. I usually write and rewrite for years and years and never get to the result I want. That website, combined with Alan Watt’s book the ninety days novel finally helped me vanquish my inner self critic and my bad procrastinating habits.

I mean, I am still a lazy cow but nanowrimo really helped, mostly  because I kind of had the shits that this girl in my nanowrimo writing group worked wayyyy faster than me, so I worked a lot everyday to finish my novel before she did. Every participant of the writing group encourages each other like that, it’s really cool.

On a new note, I’m working in a restaurant again. Seriously. But I actually like it because

a) my manager is Michael Cera’s lost twin. Isn’t that cool? He just looks and feel exactly the same. Liking him.

b) The team is a team of drunkards. I was invited to a dinner by one of my workmates; we started on appetizers and drinks at 9.30 pm but we never got past  this stage because by 10 pm, after tasting a bit of this a bit of that, a shot of this and a shot of that, we were all pissed, so we skipped dinner.

Well, I guess kahlua can count as a desert, can’t it? There’s milk and all in it! We drank our dinner, like we used to say in Australia.

Anyways, I mean, these people are almost like Irish or Aussie people! How lucky am I? My work team rules.

c) After all the difficult jobs I’ve done, this one seems so relaxing. I mean, we’re serious but relaxed. There’s no twelve hours days, no seven days a week, no sweating two pints every hour hauling bags of fruits under the sun, no having to deal with nerve racking conflicts and incredible pressure every day. Everyone was telling me that this jobs would be so stressful but after my old jobs, this is just holidays under the sun. I mean, I’m stressed because it’s me and I’m always anxious, but not so overstressed that I can’t function right and go home every night with a migraine and the serious need of downing a bottle of Jameson in order to unwind.

i’m gonna let you guys go, I’ve got some serious novel writing to do!!

stay tuned,


PS: Still hard to adjust back to Paris. I suspect you might find me elsewhere next year 😉


Mission Impossible

Published August 21, 2011 by Dorothy

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves…

1 ) Explaining two new girls how to close the stock : mission accomplished

Actually, am I really studying to be a teacher? Because explaining stuff is kinda stressing me out. But maybe it’s because the stuff I was explaining, I didn’t really know all about yet 🙂 It was sooo difficult to a) keep the lines full  (the lines, where we put all the pasties on display for people to buy) so that lead Marshall doesn’t think I’m an eejit and can’t put two croissants together b) at the same time explain the pre-cleaning to two girls and make sure they’ve done everything right without forgetting anything myself and c) remain calm at all times, without even so much as a shot of Bourbon inta me to help. But in the end, we finished like, 20 minutes before the others. “That’s not right” I insisted, a little panicky, while Emilie laughed her head off at me. Actually I kinda feel like Emilie loves to laugh at me.I must investigate that matter of utmost importance and find out. “we can’t have finished 20 minutes before everybody else! it’s not right! I mean, I’m the one who was leading all this! so we must have done it wrong!” and Marshall kept repeating patiently “it’s normal you’ve finished early…there’s three of you usually you’re only two closing the stock…I’ thing you’re all done…yeah, no, don’t worry…Yeah, I’ll check in two minutes…allright I’ll check NOW. That way you’ll know for sure.”(and he probably thought “that way you’ll shut the eff up and let me pack my croissants in peace” but he didn’t say that aloud)

Turned out we hadn’t forgotten anything except putting boxes in the lines (stocks have to do that if they finish early)  and so when Marshall checked we were all set. A trio of stars. Smiley Emilie and Calimero and meself.

2) spend a quiet night in bliss : mission failed

Went to bliss with Pixie and Saniwipes and other cool kids. It was the first (and probably the last) time I was in this club. first the drinks are crazy expensive and second, the men in that club: are you kidding me? they are all over you and around you, and invade your breathing space like a cloud of smoke. And as soon as you hit the dance floor, they all come dancing with you uninvited. That wouldn’t be so bad if they wanted to waltz with you; but what they want is to rub themselves against you, the kind of rubbing my pet poodle did to people’s legs when he was a baby, and mom used to chase him away with a rolled newspaper in her hand. I had no newspaper for those dudes, so I had to do what I could to keep them away. But either some guys had ham baguettes in their pockets, or else I felt some things a lady doesn’t really want to know about ! Gross!

3) develop big voice and communicating effectively: mission accomplished

Someone (I will not name and shame Bernadette) slipped an ice-cube in my shirt while I was giving change to a little Canadian girl and I yelped so, loud that the whole bakery turned around, trainer two at the other end of the bakery, agent Smith (named like that because of his never smily face), Ice Mimi, Closet Peggy, and even trainer one poked his head outta the kitchen. Every customer saw me and rushed to my empty register this time! I knew I’d manage to this one day!

That’s all folks! (at least for today)

stay tuned,


Everyday, it’s-a getting closer

Published May 24, 2011 by Dorothy
ha'penny bridge

5 days stop in Ireland before heading for the big smoke!

Time to go apply for my visa at the Embassy!

21h30 : I turned off the light, went to bed,early because I had to catch the 5.30 train the next morning; but I couldn’t sleep so early in the evening. Maybe music would help ? I turned on my Ipod and tried to relax and go to sleep.

 22h00 :  Music:not efficient at all. Maybe a nightcap would help? I got up and poured myself a little something. Well, if I was to be completely honest, it was more a nightbucket than a nightcap ^^ (but anyway it didn’t put me to sleep).

23h00 : Decided to log on facebook and play “Burst the Bubble with Mister Raccoon-the Challenge”. No point staying in bed when you can’t sleep, right? But I kept missing all the bubbles, due to nightcap abuse, so I quit.

00h00 : Two episodes of Glee.

1h59 : “Janey mack it’s laaaate! Two hours and one minute left to sleep. Okay I’m definitely sleeping this instant”

2h45 : Dozed off at last!

4h00 : Rose and shone. Actually no, I wasn’t shining so much, but I did rise.

8h20 : Arrived at the metro station near the embassy. Fortunately, the Embassy was easy to find; there were loads of fences around it, and even more guards than at the Paul McCartney concert I went to at the Stade de France; so I spotted it from miles away. I was early so I headed for the Champs Elysées to get myself some coffee . Now, I forgot how big Paris was; the Champs Elysées were close enough to the embassy but they are 597254865 kilometers long, and it took me 30 minutes to get to the first opened food joint (Quick, the French McDonald’s) I could find. Got in there pronto,and walked to the counter while looking at my watch; I had now approximately 25 minutes to eat and then I’d have to walk back to Embassy. Luckily, the place was empty.

9h10 : Young fella at the counter exceptionally unenthusiastic and not in a hurry at all to serve customers.

“Bonjour, what would you like?” he yawned, utterly bored. “would you like our special brunch?”

“Er, what’s in the special brunch?”

he scratched his head and pointed to a big poster that said special brunch was like bagels,eggs, rashers,yoghurt, orange juice, coffee, pancakes, saussies,beans, and about everything you could think of having for brekkie was in there. Janey,I thought, there must be a million calories in that breakfast and I don’t have time; and also I thought if the young fella had to prepare and bring me all of that he’d pass out from exhaustion, so I just ordered a bagel and coffee.

“K” he said and then proceeded to type that on his register. He yawned again as  thrust money at him, counting down time till I had to go back. Then he asked me to wait on the side because the bagel was being warmed and stood at the register till a couple more customers came in.

“Oh, I forgot to tell the kitchen for your bagel!” he said when he saw me still waiting on the side.”I’ll go in a minute after I’m finished with that broken dispenser. Only you have to wait 8 minutes now.”

 “Get a bleedin move on!I haven’t got all day to wait for the likes of you!” I felt like saying but that would have been really rude of me so instead I said I was rather in a hurry could I please have it as quick as possible? He sighed and nodded, then left the broken straw dispenser he was trying to fix on the counter and slowly headed for the kitchen. Janey that joint isn’t called quick for nothing, I thought to myself.

When I finally got my bagel I had to shove it in my mouth and leave pronto.

10h00 : Met another guy who is going on the 7th of June too. We were controlled by policemen before we had reached the door of the embassy, and then one more time at the entrance. It was impressive; we had to empty our pockets and take off our belts, and go through a metal detector like in the airport. The guard said something I didn’t understand pointing at me so I thought he meant I had to take off my coat. so he could see I wasn’t hiding anything under it. But then when he saw me taking it off he waved his hand.

“Madam! Please do not remove all your clothing.” he pointed at the belt of my trench. Just the ceinture.”

I also had to get rid of my coke zero (no liquids, like on the plane) and my croissant au beurre ( I wonder about that “no croissant au beurre in the premises” policy, it’s a little surprising?) but eventually we arrived in the waiting room. I was called at a desk; the employee was a jolly man who joked around about my photos;he took my fingerprints like in the movies (really cool) and I had to answer a few questions about the job I was going to do, how long it was going to last and if I intended on coming back home after that. I think they are concerned about people not wanting to go home and staying illegally. But I said yes definitely unless Mark Wahlberg proposes to me in which case I would definitely move to LA, I planned to come back. The employee chuckled, looking reassured that wasn’t about to happen, and said okay no problem then 😀

I had to wait for a second round of questions with a second employee, and that was over in a tick: she said I’d receive my visa soon. I’d waited about two hours (not too long, because I had someone to chat with) and now it was done! yaaaaaay!

12h00 : Met one more guy who is going away the same day as us. We decided to have lunch together at the closest chipper. Which meant, the bleedin Quick fellas again 🙂 but they were very efficient this time around, on the midday rush.

14h00 : Bid farewell to two guys. Both seem nice enough. had time in my hands before the train going back to Nantes arrived so I went to see “Water for Elephants”.

16h30 : Waiting for train. Good thing I’d thought to bring Jack Kerouac novel with me.

20h00 : Phew! home at last! ah bring on the nightcap, I need it again 😀

Stay tuned!


Chances Are

Published February 24, 2011 by Dorothy


It is incredibly difficult to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) these days, and get on with writing my story…even though I really really want to finish it. this one, I feel it really well. I’ve collected mountains of  information on the legends I want to write about. I have created a tangible world, a good enough plot (good for me anyway!) when I am usually hopeless at plotting. I am a dreamy, wandering mind; my writing is a wandering kind of writing. I like my quill to just follow my random thoughts, imprecise, colorful; and then I try to tie everything into a plot, but I’m not an organized sort of person, so I find that part difficult.

But I already have built the skeleton of this particular story, all I have to do now is to flesh it out with words, I love doing that. So I don’t really understand why I’m experiencing writer’s block? Maybe because I’m not travelling. Usually, when I travel, that’s when I’m most inspired, the new people, the foreign cultures, colors, sounds and smells, that fuels my quill. The quiet familiarity of my hometown, a place that doesn’t budge when the world revolves around it, that makes me feel oppressed, and so not creative.

I’m browsing the internet for tricks against writer’s block;any writers who happen to read this, if you have a trick, don’t hesitate, tell me.

 I’m not discouraged, though. I’m onto something, I’m quite sure, and I’m not letting go of this story. Anyway, the travelling starts again soon, I’ll get my writing mojo back, then!

Chances are, It’ll be finished by august.

Check back with me then!

thanks for being around to read all my rambling and a country song for you to conclude this article.


Carribbean blue

Published February 24, 2011 by Dorothy

A pic I took in New Caledonia...

I was sleepless last night though I wasn’t sad.

I climbed to the balcony on the very top of the house and watched the city sleep;
and the city looked pure and beautiful from so far away,it was only a collection of lights and anonymous souls,a bit like a sky upside down;
and the sea was dark,huge and quiet like a monster asleep;

I listened to comfort music and I sang a lonely song to the night and to the stars that winked at me.

Yesterday was a strenght in me;
Today was a refuge;
tomorrow was a puddle I couldn’t wait to jump in.

Last night,you know,was such a beautiful night to be alive.


If You Can’t Sleep (Lyon part 2)

Published January 27, 2011 by Dorothy

(by She and Him)

The next morning, after a restless night of worrying, I very reluctantly got up at 6 am. I was supposed to be at the Brasserie for the interview at 9.30 am but  with the strike, I assumed I was probably going to have to walk part of the way, if not all the way, and maybe the bus would drop me someplace unknown and I’d have to find my way around Lyon.

None of this happened; the train was on time, the bus was on time, I found Brasserie de l’Ouest in an instant and so: I was a zillion hours early, the brasserie was closed. I discreetely replaced my flats by heels. (I planned to walk to the brasserie with my flats on and change shoes to fit the “business look” asked in the emails just when I arrived. I cannot walk with heels across a flat surface without tripping over, twisting my ankles or make a fool of myself one way or another. Let alone getting in and out of buses, climbing stairs in tube stations, walking in paved streets with them on. Unsafe.)

I was on my own for a while and then some other people came around, the boys looking like Prince Charles. Or Alfred in Batman.The girls in chic suits, five stars hotel style. Hem hem hem, I felt a little underdressed now, I mean, I had dressed neatly but simply, I didn’t look like I came in directly from the Ritz…And that meant they probably all had worked in hospitality already…except me.

Fortunately, more people turned up, and some like me only wore black pants and a simple shirt; one even came in his sweatpants.

The whole morning was quite fun; we were sat alltogether in a conference room and quizzed about Disney movies, then shown videos about how cool and sunny it was in Florida and how great the Disney residences looked (and how silly you’d look in an old French peasant from the 1800’s costume; funny. I love dressing up anyway.)

The afternoon was a bit more stressful; each of us had individual interviews, one with the French Supervisors of the restaurant, one with the American guys from WDW. I was getting really tired and nervous and I was the very last one to be interviewed; by the time my name was called I was an emotional wreck, to the point that the interviewer told me to relax, probably worried that  was going to pass out on him.

 I was worrying about my English, because I’d stayed in France a year, but I actually had way more trouble answering questions in French; it makes sense, actually, since I’d spent almost all my “career” in English speaking countries and was more used to interviews in English. And also, the American recruiters were way less scary than the French ones, they were like characters from 7th heaven. I hope the staff will all be this nice at Disneyland.

Oh, because a few days later I’ve had the email: successful interview, and job starts on the 7th of June! How cooooooooool!

As usual, I’ll let you go with a tune for ya 🙂 very soothing, good if you have insomnia 🙂

She’s got her ticket (Tracy Chapman, 1991)

Published May 3, 2010 by Dorothy

Boy, do I need a few weeks away from this place. I’m going to go for a little while, but I’ll be back for summer holidays, as I have promised. I had a very interesting offer to go to work in Ireland for the summer again, and frankly I would have loved to go back to Schull and mind Fairy and Elf again, but I am already going to Nantes and then Disneyland with mam and the kids.

I knew you could be addicted to all sorts of things, food, drugs, shopping, but I had no idea you could become a Disneyland junkie; that’s what’s Mam is becoming. Like, how many times can you go there before you’re a little bored of it ? She never is. First, we went three days, then she went a week three years ago, then we went again for a week last year; and this year, guess how long she decided we’d go: ten days! We go so often that last year, they actually left a welcome note, and a box of prezzies and chocolates in our room that we found when we arrived. Like we were Brangelina or something. Anyway, this year, as it’s the fourth time, I’m hoping for Godivas and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

So that’s it, we’re in again for a few days of

> Disney characters sighting (who can hardly move and not speak so they always seem really dumb)

> queuing six hours for a ride that lasts 1.37 minutes

> being pushed around by teen girls who are chasing the fake Jack Sparrow always hanging around in the park.

> Spending 25 euros in a Mickey pen, a Buzz Lightyear flashlight, or a pooh bear music box. All of which will stop working in a week. Or if it still miraculously works, it will definitely attract the attention of some kid in you entourage and will get smashed on the ground.

I found a job,a few weeks ago, for May, June and half of July. It’s overseas and you get to guess where I ‘m going!

Hint one > It’s none of my favourite places in the world, so, no Kilkenny or anywhere in Ireland, and no Australia.

Hint two > my fave music band is from this country and so is the actor I was in love with when I was still wearing braces.

Hint three > even though I’m not in love with this actor anymore, there’s another actor, this one Irish, who has all my interest today, and he lives in the town where I’m going.

Hint four > The airfare to go to this place is very small; it’s a short distance from France. Not more expensive than a ticket from Nantes to the South of France.

Stay tuned J

M xxx


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