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Get this party started

Published May 15, 2011 by Dorothy

Things I have learned during the evening out in Nantes with the girls (Our own Heather from Tipperary, Fellow Nanny now officially nicknamed Dot and Aunty E, now officially nicknamed Shirley.)

  • Thing number one : You feel that you have too much thoughts locked inside you? You need to talk, express yourself ? You want to let it all out ? Pour your heart out to everybody who will listen? Well, I’ve got just the combo for you : Some Kir Peche+some white wine+a crepe+ a couple of pints! haha I don’t really know if it’s because I had been off the booze for quite some time, but for some reason, the drinks got to my head and made me SO rowdy. I spent the night talking the ears off everybody! (sorry by the way,girls- next time feel free to knock me out if I tell the same silly anecdote more than three times in a row 😀 )
  • Thing number two : When you’re a youngster, when you’re  in and you’re a fashionista it’s absolutely out of the question to wear earplugs. Even if your neighbour is the octomum and her babies.Even if you are four people sleeping in the same room, including Heather who likes chatting away in her sleep about oats and milk. Otherwise you may get called “Aul woman” “Vieille grognon sac” who wears “Granny Earmuffs”. Yes aul Shirley and aul Heather told me and Dot, and they were definite about it! 😀
  • Thing number three : I have spent like, two years using words that are most inappropriate: I now know I cannot call people “gobshites” whent I find them a little annoying or slow because it’s quite an offensive word. And I cannot use “bleedin” before every second word unless I want people to believe that I am a scary person and am about to rob them. Actually I might say it in front of Ryanair ladies, so they are afraid of me and let me get away with my overweight suitcase! good idea, no ? hehehee!
  • thing number four : When Dot says she can’t handle alcohol, she is fibbing. She had as much as I had and she wasn’t the one who carried on babbling about how uncle Shane was really scary with his misterious Kilkenny accent nobody understands 😀  Actually everytime I see Dot she drinks and drinks and is always sober! That is most unfair. I would pay to see Dot tipsy singing Highland Paddy 😀
  • Thing number five : Tipperary+Kilkenny+ Nantes combo is deadly 🙂 even if we took the girls to an empty bleedin aul pub, the evening was pretty funny! Then again maybe I was just entertaining myself with my own silly drunken anecdotes! Haha girls : You are superfun, the three of youse!


Stay tuned !

m xxx



Published March 8, 2011 by Dorothy

I couldn’t sleep last night.

Sleepless nights are gloomy, especially when you don’t have sky tv and have to watch reruns of the A-Team, documentaries about the eating habits of Peruvian bull-ants and movies nobody ever heard about starring George Clooney when he had a mullet. So I:

  • Listened to music that reminded me of good times. Music is magic. When you listen to music, it fills up with precious moments, memories beautiful like gems. And then, later on, when you’re sad and you listen to it, it brings the beauty, taste and feel of those ancient, special days back.
  • Went through pictures of my travelling. When in a gloomy, unproductive mood, the sight of faraway, foreign sceneries always lifts my mood. Here you can see a pic I took in Firoda. Of all the pictures I brought back from the Emerald Isle, this one is one of my favourite.
  • Wrote a “to do” list for the trip I’ve got to take in June. Janey Macaroni. I have to a) pack a suitcase that weighs less than 25 kilos, and figuring out how to do this will take me at least a month. b) go to Paris for visas. c) visit two of my three BFFs who live in Grenoble. One has a newborn baby I have to meet before I go, otherwise I won’t see him before he’s twenty, the poor wee lad. d) get organized to ship my stuff back from Ireland. It is quite safe in Orla’s shed but I’m starting to feel really rude now, it’s been there over a year, since I’ve left it. And this year had simply been hectic, and I haven’t been able to go back.e) etcetcetcetc… Actually, this is crazy, and it didn’t help me sleep better. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do that in such a little time.
  • Wrote a part of the novel. An imaginary world is just what you need, when you’re sighing at the dullness of the night of the real one. And I’m writing quite fast too! I just need a title. I’m never good with titles.

Have a good one and listen to this! The first tune is one of my favourite tunes and despite the racket you can hear in the backgroud it’s still lovely :D. It’s really soothing to listen to at night.

Stay tuned ! Mxx


Douce France (Charles trenet, 1963)

Published October 2, 2010 by Dorothy

It’s strange to come back home after a long long stay abroad. The same feelings, the same colors, the smells, the sounds. It is all the same after all these years, and yet it isn’t, and yet you don’t fit in quite as exactly as you did before you went away. It takes a while, though, to realize that it is you, not the place, that has changed entirely.

I need little pieces of Ireland and Australia with me now, I can’t help it, these places just haunt me, I miss them like you can’t imagine. SO I started step dancing lessons, which are not really step dancing because the teacher is mainly an American tap dancer and she calls step dancing “Irish tap”, that sounds all wrong. But she’s nice anyway.

First lesson : I had a drink too many and just couldn’t bring myself to be coordinated. I thought it would be allright, I only had a couple of drinks with mates half an hour before the dancing and it’s not like I was unused to alcohol, but no, it really affected my ability to concentrate and move my body in a coherent way. I ended up hoping around like some eejit and giggling my way through the lesson, so, very important, people, don’t drink and drive. Because you should have seen me, doing drunken trebles and hopbacks that’s terrible. Drinking and dancing is pretty bad and shameful 😀 , let alone drinking and driving. hehe.

I’m better at it sober, I probably still look like a dancing tool but not as much 🙂

anyway people. will tell you more later on.
am in a bit of a hurry.

Stay tuned
m xx

Catch my Disease

Published July 28, 2009 by Dorothy
I like learning new things.Once I’ve learned something new,it gives me the impression that my day was not wasted,that I am indeed going forward,although I’m not quite sure towards where I’m headed yet.
I like to estimate how hard I’ve worked the past week by looking at the amount of rosin dust accumulated at the end of my fingerboard;I like the pine scent of the sticky block of rosin when I slide it along my bow.
I like the ensemble of squeaky fiddles not played quite right yet,the tunes played completely wrong and the subsequent collapses into fits of laughter.I like being not quite good in a space where it doesn’t really matter.
I like the rare times when I get it right;they are precious accomplishments,if small,and I save them like gems,the warm feeling for rainy days.

You’d understand,I didn’t want to give up on the end of the fiddle term,despite having to come from Kilkenny,which is two hours away by bus,for the lessons.

So last week I was quite confident I was going to be able to come in the morning,do a bit of shopping,go to my lesson, and then stay over at some friend’s place for the night.

After various shenanigans,the “staying at friend’s place” part of the plan didn’t work out (Too long to explain) let’s just say that we kept trying to contact each other but failed to succeed,me having no mobile phone didn’t help the situation.(have to buy a new one very soon)

After walking around in circles wheeling my one wheeled suitcase and carrying my fiddle case on my  back,I decided to go to a hostel.A jolly hostel manager greeted me and asked me what brought me to Dublin.The whole story was too long to explain and I couldn’t think of any way to explain it that didn’t make me sound like a tool, so I simply pointed at the fiddle case and said it was music related.

“Ooooh,you’re a musician! Why not do a gig at the hostel one week end?!”

Sure,I can if you really like the Kerry Polka,because it’s pretty much all I can play,I thought,but I said I couldn’t do gigs yet because I had to “Perfect my musical abilities”.

“Ah,you’re too modest” he said merrily before he handed me the room keys.

Two of five students had actually given up on fiddle,so was quite glad I had decided to come. Only three of us left.Was a nicer,but more intensive class,that was.Got a chance to chat with other two girls.Still didn’t chat a lot with Sinead, Sinead very small,very smily and very gentle but still frightens the life out of us pupils for some reason, maybe it’s the speed at which she can play reels.

After managing a reasonable set of Polkas, we said goodbye and I headed back to hostel.Spent a few hours on the internet and almost falling asleep with head on computer keoboard,went to bed.

Woke up with tiny little red dots on my arm. Dots dissapeared quickly.Forgot all about it and went on with my day.

The next morning,tiny dots had reapeared in whole new ginourmous reedition.whole arm was red,inflated and itchy;had huge boil on left cheek.Am still on anti allergy tablets and cream,but thankfully it has all gone down.

What you wouldn’t do for fiddle class!Now if that’s not dedication!

I had a msn message from the friend with whom I was supposed to stay overnight.I logged in today and saw it.He’d sent it when I wasn’t online.

The_Irishman’s_balanced_diet_iz_a_beer_in_each_hand said:

Buy yourself a new phone you eejit 🙂

Maybe it’s all down to that.

Catch my disease,a cool song by Aussie guy Ben Lee.

Have a nice day!




Hello Goodbye

Published July 19, 2009 by Dorothy

For a few reasons, I had to leave my job in Dublin two weeks early,ahd to leave the baby Beatles…and so that means I’m back to where it all started, staying in aul’ Firoda with Little Fairy,Little Elf, mammy, daddy and the new supernanny who is nice and comes fom Italy.Iz great.Was missing them.

But, have decided am still going to go back to Dublin for fiddle lessons because

a) Don’t want to dissapear on Sinead 🙂

b) Am impatient to learn Slip Jigs and Reels

c) Fiddle lesson is the only place where I can play awful and do shite for two hours, and still get out feeling like I’m the musician of the century.All thanks to Sinead’s clever way to cricticise our performances “Yeah, the beginning was a bit funny and the end not so good,and the middle not exactly right yet, but overall, you’re all awesome, I’ve never heard a class play so well,that was wonderful,well done!”

Other news of the week

Had news from two of my three BFFs.Me and BFFs met in Australia,and now I live in Ireland, Marguerite in Korea,and Jennifer in Slovaquia.Still,even though we’re far apart,it just feels good to know they exist somewhere in the world.So am seeing BFF Marguerite this summer as we should both be in France at the same time for more than a week, ad this is an event about as rare as solar eclipses.If Jennifer can be there it would be just great! (but realistic probability of us three being on the same continent at the same time:about the same as winning tattslotto, one in several millions).

Had also occasion to talk to uncle Phil, our Aussie uncle,on the phone.Was three in the morning on a saturday night, and so was half asleep (coming back from clubbing) but still was very good to talk to him.Missing Australia loads.Loving Ireland,though.Dunno.

We’re going to west Cork with fellow nanny Do and her host family.They have a new three month old little Thumbelina baby I can’t wait to meet!!And I’m hoping to get some Irish dancing tips from six years old and four years old girls before I start in September. (Girls had already given me a crash lesson last year and I was quite hopeless at it but never mind.I’m made for Irish dancing, I mean,look at me, I have those ringlets naturally, I don’t even need to wear a wig like all these girls 😆 )

Anyway! Hello Goodbye by the Beatles!

Have a nice day 🙂


Spectacular Spectacular…

Published July 3, 2009 by Dorothy

…was the fiddle ensemble at our first group lesson today.Haha!

the teacher

Is very pleasant.

Read teacher’s biography on  myspace a few days before I started.Has been playing fiddle since before she could walk,has a PHDZXY in musicology,has played for the Queen of England the Marajah of Somethingland and still has patience for us bunch of eejit who can’t play A and G in a row because it’s too hard with the fingers.Very nice.Not at all as scary as her biography.Am liking her.

The pupils

All seem quite nice and were all just as terrified as I was.Am not the only one who’s fingers are shaking on the fingerboard!Only one guy there.All seemed quite good at fiddle, though, and they had no sellotape cheats on their fingerboard like I did:)  at least not until the end of the lesson.

the lesson

At the beginning,teacher had to tune all the fiddles so not much was going on.Was trying to chat us up but everyone was too terrified to respond in other ways than mutters and clattering teeth and borborygms.Communication didn’t get much better between teacher and pupils despite teacher’s claims that she did not intend to bite any of us.Am really going to make a conversation effort next time.

Have learned how not to play my D’s flat, and that’s all because of the position of my thumb 🙂 am pretty happy with that,and am doing lots of practice!Really looking forward to lessons now,and learning my first reel!

Overall,a lot of screechy sounds and discreet winces from Sinead “Hem,yeah,almost there!Well done!”

haha awesome fun!

Here’s the Spectacular Spectacular song from the Musical Moulin Rouge.Janey,haven’t seen that film in ages,makes me feel so nostalgic.Anyway.

Stay tuned!

M xx

The Way You Look Tonight (Galway part two)

Published June 24, 2009 by Dorothy

All right. So we were all sorted,and we were ready to go out.

We both had experienced nightlife in different Irish cities and knew for a fact that Irish girls dressed up very well to go out (like Aussie girls,despite the arctic climate in Ireland).

Not wanting to look underdressed,had brought our best dresses, Do had spend hours picking the right shoes,I had hesitated hours to decide if those shoes, this bag and these earrings  matched together and,having decided suddenly, at nine o’clock at night when shops were closed, that bare legs weren’t de saison , ended up buying a bandy aul pair of leggings off Do(8,95 e.).

All pampered and happy with ourselves, we left.I was wearing a blue satin dress and Do a nice empire line dress.On the way, we mat two women who threw us an incredulous look and almost stopped to stare ay us like we were creatures from outer space.

“Did you see how they looked at us ?” Do asked.

More people we crossed path with gave us that bewildered look and we soon noticed that almost nobody was dressed up like we were.We started to feel awkward and overdressed,big time.

“It’ll be OK, I said.Once we’re in the pubs everyone will be dressed like us”

We walked down to the main street where all the pubs were, and before we reached it, a woman wearing a sequined cowgirl hat,a t shirt that would fit a five years ld kid, supertight jeans and spike heels stopped us and handed us a flyer.

“We’re having a coyote girls night,ladies!No entrance fees, just for you!”

We politely refused.Did we just get invited to a Coyote Girls night ? That wasn’t because of the way we were dressed, was it ???

The funniest part was when we actually reached the pubs.They were full of tourists who were just coming back from their excursions and sported plastic waterproof jackets battered jeans, knitted jumpers from the seventies and runners.Pardon me?

“Where are all the dressed up people ?” Do asked.

We went to several pubs and we couldn’t find any of them.

We ended up finding a few nicely dressed girls later in the night but they were a minority.I now think being overdressed is waaaayyy more embarassing than being underdressed.

Anyway.I decided the best response to that was to get soopa doopa pissed and I was quite right;after a few drinks it wasn’t so important anymore and I did enjoy the trad band in this Irish pub even if it was soooo a tourist trap.




this is the song I named the post after (here sung by Rod Stewart but the original was Dean Martin if I’m not mistaken)

Enjoy , and stay tuned for part three,and our visit of Connemara!

M xx

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