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Here,There and Everywhere

Published May 6, 2009 by Dorothy

So that’s it, I’m leaving on friday.

Yesterday I was all over Dublin trying to find going away presents for Mammy and Daddy (The childen are easy to buy presents for, but mammy and daddy,it’s a different story). I settled for a book for mammy (I hope she doesn’t have it already) and a DVD about Ireland for daddy.(I know, everybody told me it’s a dumb idea, who would like to see on DVD the place you already live in and see everyday ? But it’s a very interesting dvd with good images,and interesting commentary.I know because I’ve watched it myself, and I did like it.And no, I’m not a nerdy moron.)

Anyway, after that I went  to the gift bag section of eason.The gift bags were either ginormous or tiny,I couldn’t find anything that was the right size.I eventually found the one and only bag that was the exact size of daddy’s DVD but the pastel blue color put me off a bit.I didn’t buy it in the end.Anyway, I’m almost sure presenting your boss a gift bag that reads: “Hey baby boy!” is most inapropriate.

For mammy the bags were all neon pink and saying things like “Party Girl!” “Hey cool chick” “Shoe addict”.Ditto.Didn’t buy it.

Settled for gift wrap in the end, but it got all scrunched in my bag and there’s a bit of mayo from my BLT sandwich that leaked onto mammy’s wrapper.Am wondering if I could get a bit of mayo out of the fridge and draw a pattern and tell mammy it’s art nouveau gift wrap ?

It’s not at all sinking in that I’m leaving in two days.

All things must pass, like George would say.


(song by the Beatles,1966, see video)



Published April 21, 2009 by Dorothy

We went to a classic cars exhibition on Sunday with mammy daddy and the two little ones, in two of daddy’s classic sportscars.


What was good:


  • We had (in my opinion) the coolest cars,only we looked a little bit uncool when the batteries in one of them went flat and we had to get out and push it uphill.Mammy and I tried to help but we were quite useless.We pushed it like, tree inches forward and it was the end of it, we were panting and gagging and in need of cold drinks.So daddy had to beg a grandad who was only there to take a few pictures of the engine, to push the car with him. The car wouldn’t start.the only solution was to push it downhill but with all the visitors cars driving up, it was impossible. Had to abandon ship temporarily until people stopped coming in
  • It was sunny.
  • The cars were actually quite cool (not that I know anything about cars.Except how to scare the mickey out of the passengers when I drive one.)



What wasn’t so good:


  • Sitting on the hobbit-sized backseat of the classic Porsche. It took me approximately half an hour to get in and hallf an hour to get out.I had to duck my head and my chin was resting on my knees,and I reckon if I had had one more Twix that morning,I wouldn’t have fitted in.
  • The unfriendliness of the staff at the event. Spent the afternoon getting roared at. It started when we arrived and when daddy discovered he was a few bobs short for the entry fee and asked if he could get out of the queue and back to town to find an ATM: “No ye can’t turn round here ye have ter go forward!just gimme whatever cash ye got an get outa me way!Those bleedin tourists, they’d put years on ye!” And then I thought they were going to squish us when the car broke down in the middle of the tracks! the same lady came running as soom as she saw us getting out to push the car: “Lookit!” she yelled “Ye’re not parkin here ye mob of aul eejits!”


That was funny alltogether!


Today, day off, but not off the fiddle and the whistle! The Jig I’m learning to play on the whistle is starting to come together, and on the fiddle well, nothing is coming together really, I’m practising, to learn the fingercharts.So I just kind of play all the notes one after the other, over and over again.It is like a tune, really, it could be called “The Firoda Jig-Have you a headache yet ?-I bet Mammy regrets giving me a fiddle lesson”


Haha! Available in all good music stores soon!


After my practice I went to have a packet of Mr Tayto crisps (I won’t fit at the back of the classic car at all soon), I was crunching away thinking these crisps had some kind of unusual flavour, when I smelled my hands and realised my hands were still dusted with rosin (The resin thingy you use to powder your bow when you play the fiddle) Eww!

Well actually when I think of it, it wasn’t so bad.I’m thinking of writing to Mr Tayto and suggesting they lauch a new roisin flavour.It might be a hit with musicians.


Allright, I’ll head off!




Stay tuned.

M xx

Nighty night

Published April 8, 2009 by Dorothy

00H47 : Woken by Psycho dogs Tigger and Storm who carried on barking for half an hour for no reason.Couldn’t go back to sleep.Resorted to playing “Recently purchased” playlist on Ipod.Fell back asleep to soothing Harp music found on Itunes (Cormac de Barra and Grainne Hambly).

1H29 : Forgot I had also recently purchased King of Leon album and woke up to “Sex on Fire”  blasting in my ears.

2H32 : Had strange nightmare which I don’t quite remember, all I know is at some point I woke up with a start. I can recall it involved a) Fellow French Nanny b) A giant slab of Parmesan cheese c)a wedding d)Ray Quinn e)Danny Bonaduce f) A sundried tomatoes battle.Am seriously thinking of getting professional help.

3H20: Woken by loud banging noise somewhere in giant house. Felt I had to investigate as to find out where did the noise come from.Regretted I hadn’t taken a leaf out of these housewifes in American movies’ book and thought of keeping a baseball bat under my bed at all times.Looked for kids hurlies but did not find them.Finally had to resort to knife but think Bob the Builder decorations on handle might have harmed crediblilty in case of actual encounter with burglar.Did not find source of noise.Said F**k it and went back to bed.

6H30 : Dora the Explorer clock in Little Fairy’s bedroom usually set to wake her up at around the 7H30 mark,inexplicably woke her up an hour earlier.Convinced Fairy it was still the middle of the night and she had to go back to sleep even though the sun was shining through window.

6H35 : Dora the Explorer going bleedin senile.Woke Fairy again.

7H3o: Actual wake up time. A shame. Was peacefully sleeping at last.

9Hoo: Slap on face.Opened eyes to see little face,gummy smile. “Play with Cahie ?” then frown, blue eyes darkened with concern. “Not well ? Cahie kiss you better.”

M xx

All things must pass

Published March 23, 2009 by Dorothy

No more “Noooo I’m not your little princess, don’t you know princesses own castles ? I’m KY-A-RA!”

No more extorsion of sticky kisses full of yoghurt (Two kisses for a gingerbread man, not negotiable)

No more coming in the sitting room in the morning and seeing two feet poking out from behind the curtain “Haha you will never find me (giggles)”and pacing around the room shouting :”But where is Kyara ? Oh noooooo I’ve lost Kyara, she ran away, I must ring mammy and daddy and the Guards!”

No more scary dinosaures jumping at me everyday, the type of dinosaures with fourteen teeths and about two feet high, the ones that watch Peppa Pig and eat moon biscuits;

The big move to Dublin is for next month, I’m excited but I’ll miss the little princess Rapunzel and the little Cahie 😀

They were very funny again yesterday. We were going to a christening and Little Girl didn’t want to get dressed, so I argumented that if she put her nice sunday dress on she’d look like a princess (And she did, honest) then once the dress was on she was delighted with it and kept twirling around saying “I’m a fairy princess! I’m a princess!”.

Then I got little boy dressed in his sunday clothes too and as soon as he was ready, guess what he did ? Started dancing around saying “I’m a princess!”

So I corrected him “No you’re not a princess, you’re…a prince!”

Five minutes later, when mammy and daddy arrived, little boy shouted happily:

“Mammy! Daddy!” Then he started dancing and declared: “I’m Prince!”

Mammy and daddy looked at each other then at me and I heard what was unsaid: “what is she doing to our children ?”

The christening in itself was nice enough, we went to a church and then to a restaurant, my friend the fellow french nanny  was there. She is working for mammy’s sister’s aunty P and minding three children.  I think living in the country and not going out very often is seriously getting to us. Like, we’re addicted to Dancing on Ice which is quite bad; the finals were last night, we’ve taped it but haven’t watched it yet; and all I can think about since yesterday is I hope Ray Quinn has won because that would be so unfair if Donal McIntyre won,I like him but only because he’s Irish, and I can’t wait to see the costumes, and I bet Jessica is going to be great and it’s a shame Zoe was voted out and blahblah, I’m totally obsessed. And I’m a teeny bit upset that it’s over because I’m going to miss watching it every week. I’d better get myself a life, honestly.

Right-o, I’ll let you go, but only after you’ve heard that set of tunes, it’s called, hang on: Are You Ready Yet?/The Tailor’s Thimble/Donoghue’s Reel/I’m Ready Now! Some title, innit! I love these tunes, anyhow. Oh, and the band playing on this video is called Danu.

See ya soon! Will try to keep ya posted!

M xx

Little Elf’s birthday

Published December 6, 2008 by Dorothy

Dublin is drop dead gorgeous at christmas time;I would have shown you photos but the batteries in my dirty stinkin’ camera went flat when tried to take a picture.The day ends at about four thirty but contrary to many people,the short days in winter have never bothered or depressed me;I like nightime,especially around christmas,when all the streets are enluminated,when you can go home light up scented candles and stare out of the frothed window into the dark nothingness,making up stories ,inspired by these magical times.I like when night unfolds its dark coat embroidered with mysteries.Night triggers your imagination in a way nothing else can,,just think about these little kids thinking they see monsters coming out of their wardrobes,or the way,before you go to sleep,when you imagine your dreams come true.Or when,on a sleepless night,you overworry about things and let your imagination get carried away,and then when dawn comes,think:”How could I ever have thought that?”

Anyway,If I was in Dublin,it was to find little Elf’s birthday prezzie,and a little something for little Fairy too because I probably won’t be around for her next birthday.

So little Fairy is getting a game,it’s like,a duck pond and kids have to fish for the duckies,the first kid to get four duckies wins.It is destined to help her, not to awake her hunting instincts but to learn colors.Under each little duck is a color circle,each child is attributed a color and he can take the duck out of the pond only if it’s the right color.

Little Fairy’s is still learning colors,and her school teacher has given us a cardboard with color stickers on it; whe have to show it to little Fairy everyday and have her name the colors.
As soon as she sees you coming with the carboard she runs away.

“So what is that color Fairy?” you ask after fifteen minutes of chasing her around the huge house,when you have finally cornered the girl in the sitting room.

Fairy stares at the TV,you turn it off.

“I want to watch Peppa Pig!”

“Yes,after your homework I’ll turn the tV back on.Now what is that color,do you remember?”

“But Peppa Pig will be finished!”(it’s a DVD)

“No love,it won’t.What color?When you are finished you can watch Peppa Pig”

she sighs heavily,thinking “There’s no way I can get around this eejit with her colors” and say (Not looking at the sticker I’m pointing at (it’s red):


“No,It’s reeeeeed!” (silly enthousiastic tone,high pitched voice,trying to get Fairy to be excited by a couple of stickers on a cardboard)

“Reeeeeeed!” little Fairy says. “Now can I watch Peppa Pig?”

“No,not yet,in a few minutes…What is this color?” (It’s blue).

“Reeeeeed!”Little Fairy says,distracted by a car driving past the house,not looking at the sticker.

Sometimes it’s tough 😆 little Fairy is getting better all the time,though,in all fairness.
Anyway,hopefully,the duck pond will help.

And little Fairy is also getting a box loaded with tons of sticker,which I expect will be empty in two and a half minute,Fairy love her stickers soooo much.I only hope none will end on Daddy’s sports car (I can’t remember the brand at this moment;it’s not a Ferrari,but it’s something,famous and expensive,a Spaghettini or something) on the newly painted walls,or on the sofa in the good sitting room.

Little Elf is getting a book to learn his first words in Irish,it’s a gorgeous book and I could smuggle it in my bedroom when I need it 😆 (I’m learning Irish Gaelic too) of course it’s a baby book with loads of colors and fold out pictures and all.

And he is also getting a Peppa Pig soft toy,I was hesitating about this,wondering if it wasn’t too much of a girlie present and if I should buy him a muscle car instead but he loves Peppa Pig so much,so…

Anyway.I’ll leave you with the beautiful song from the sanctuary album performed by Nassau Royal and featuring Moya Brennan “Stars are made for the sky”.

Enjoy…and stay tuned!

M xxx

I’m half asleep

Published November 29, 2008 by Dorothy

Mammy and Daddy were gone to Dublin and I was on duty last night.

Now,the children were grand;little fairy usually wakes up a few times a night crying but was okay last night.Only once,around three o’clock,she went “uuuuhhh I’ve lost my nappy!My nappy is gone!”
I woke up and started saying “Go back to sleep,pet,it’s only a nightmare!Your nappy is here,still here!” But I instinctly felt for it to make sure it actually was there and instead of a nappy my hand met some wet.Yes,I had forgotten to put the nappy on,like a twat.So I had to change little Fairy and change all her bedclothes in the middle of the night.After that we both went back to bed until five when little Fairy woke up and cried because she had lost Tigger in her bed,but even after we found Tigger and had warm milk,she couldn’t sleep,so I turned the TV on for her and went to give little Elf his bottle of milk.
Little elf is okay after his fall (he tripped on a kitchen tile and though I ran for it I couldn’t catch him before he fell),I think I was more traumatized than he was.He still has a little bruise.

Elf had already forgotten all about it and forgiven me, it seemed; when I went to give him his bottle he giggled, then happily curled up in my lap,caught my finger in his, and rested his head on my arm.

We’ll go for a walk this afternoon 🙂 lovely weather 🙂

Au pair blues

Published November 28, 2008 by Dorothy

Right,so you’re thinking of becoming an au pair,and you are starting to read brochures from au pair agencies and browsing specialized websites.The brochures show you pictures of supermodels,smiling in joy,hugging impossibly cute toddlers,and the legend says “I had the greatest time with the de L’Anglois family,they treated me like a daughter,and the little Pierre-Alain was the nicest child in the world.They took me for a trip around the country.The dad,a professional surfer took me to the beach in Nice to give me free surfing lessons everyday whilst the mother,a french teacher,helped me improve my french.Of course I’m eating the most amazing French dietetic food and I’ve lost 20 pound since I arrived.I was a fat wretch before I came now I’m a bilingual surfer oh amazing grace…”

You swallow hook line and sinker,oh,this must be great!I want to do that!and you start looking for a host family on 😆

I mean,it’s great being an au pair if you are lucky enough to find yourself a nice host family, like me 🙂 but you’ve got to be prepared, it’s not always very easy and you’ve got to be so responsible. Oh, and I’ve put on weight, daddy won’t stop cooking fry ups 😀

They forget in the brochure,the part when Pierre Alain has a nappy malfunction and you have to spend half an hour cleaning him up,(and afterwards when you find poo trapped under your nail) And the part when you are home alone with Pierre Alain and everything goes smooth all day,then five minutes before bedtime bang,he trips and hurts his knee and the whole family turns up at that precise moment;you turn up at the door,holding a bloody tissue and a hysterical toddler, looking utterly irresponsible,and they look at each other thinking “what has she done to the poor child?”.

Yes my poor little Elf fell today,and really,I’m really looking after him the best I can and I feel so really bad about letting him fall.

Ah well.

Won’t happen again.

Stick around!

M xx

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