Ballad of Easy Rider

Published September 7, 2012 by Dorothy

I won!!!

I have written my novel at long last!

I’ve just spent the week bragging about it on facebook, twitter and whateverbook. Any social network I could get my hands on, really. I phoned and emailed the good news around. My novel is written! now just a little tweak here and there and it’s ready for publication, and I am sure ready for glory, my hands already outstretched to received the many literary prizes and bagfuls of money that come with it. Except…

I followed the advice I read on my “how to revise your book” guide. I had the manuscript printed and put it away for a few days, so that I could distance myself from my story, and then I was ready to re-read it, and see it with a new eye. Yeah, well, the new eye is a picky old bitch.It spotted loads of work to do, chapters to rewrite, typos, anachronisms; seems like the few tweaks have turned into a “Bulldoze and rebuild” operation. If I had to use a metaphor, I would say that I have the skeleton of the story right, all is in place, it can stand upright, but I do have to flesh it out.

So I’m starting by scribbling all I want to change on my printed copy, I’m carrying it everywhere with me and anytime I can, I pull it out of my bag and read a bit and make corrections. then I’ll start editing it on my computer next week. I haven’t lost courage yet 🙂

Just so you know what I’ve been on about all of this time, here’s the synopsis I posted on Camp Nanowrimo :

Alicia is afraid of water. Alicia is afraid of spiders and bees, she’s also so terrified of germs that she has to wash her hands three times every time she touches something dirty. Alicia is also very afraid of the dark and she’s so shy that she’s afraid of speaking to other people in case they think she’s stupid.
Oliver is an artist. He’s bored of his job playing music in that crappy bar when he meant to be a rockstar, but he’s too lazy to really do something to further his career. He’s bored of his parents who are incredibly uptight and insist that he has to go back to college and get himself a proper job. He’s bored of girls that only like him because he’s handsome. He’s bored of being so brilliant that everything comes to him easily.

When carefree, happy go lucky Oliver meets challenging, strange yet charming Alicia, they instantly connect.

But twenty one days after they meet,the accident. Alicia was just coming out of her shell thanks to Oliver and now he is gone.

But he’s not, actually, because the next morning, Alicia wakes up to realize that she’s jumped back in time three month before it happened, and two month before they met, back when he had a jealous girlfriend who would do anything to keep him.

Now it’s up to her to keep the accident from happening, only it’s hard when he doesn’t recognize you, you don’t remember anything at all about what happened to him and you’re afraid of your own shadow…


Stay tuned folks!



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