More than a feeling

Published July 9, 2012 by Dorothy

It seems sometimes that everyone, even loved ones,sets out to be antagonists in your life. Everyone seems to know so well what you should and shouldn’t do.

The truth is, whilst it is difficult to resist the urge to follow the path you are told to follow, it is actually worth it. Who decides what is right? who defines what is proper, normal? who even says being normal is what you should pursue?

What I think is, there is no such thing as one single way everyone should follow.I think we are all, wonderfully, amazingly different from one another and we each have our own role to play; like shooting stars,we have our beautiful, meaningful if so short path to follow in this world. We are all walking towards our haven, only, we all have to take different routes.

It is so difficult, sometimes, not to let yourself be herded down a road that is not yours, really. Just because “it’s normal” “it’s what you should do”.But that tiny little thing inside you, that pretty, colorful, tender thing. Its petals reaching fur the sun, so incredible, so bright and yet, so easily crushed or pulled out by careless hands. Your spirit, how it would wilt if you weren’t careful to be true to yourself.

A lot of us, we wander around and we don’t really know, and we have to find our own way. Let alone give advice to someone else about what they are meant to do or be.

If you let people get to you, if you let to many voices into your mind then you won’t be able to hear your own anymore. What does the world and his wife think about your business ? Don’t listen, don’t take it all in, or you will never grow.

love, mxx

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