Days Go By – Happy New Year!

Published January 7, 2012 by Dorothy

Our restaurant :)

After five months, I,along with all the group of people who arrived in June have been promoted from bakers to “Commis”, we no longer work in the Bakery shop; we now work in the restaurant. That pretty much means we are now “half waiters” in the aforementioned French restaurant. We don’t talk to customers so much anymore or take their orders, neither do we introduce ourselves to them or give them advices about wine, or which dish should they go for; that’s the waiters’ jobs. But we do bring them their food, reset tables after they leave, prepair soups, keep stocks full…

On my last day of 2011 I was at work…

  • 8h30: Joan Jett shouts about her bad reputation. I turn off my alarm clock and go back to sleep straight away.
  • 8h40:” WE’RE LIVING IN THE PAST , IT’S A NEW GENERA-TION!!!AND I DON’T REALLY CARE…” turn off alarm, go back to sleep again.
  • 8h50: “OH MY BAD REPUTATION…” “err, hem hem” my roomie says.”can you please turn that off? this racket has been keeping me up for half an hour!!” I turn off Joan Jett and heave myself out of my bed.
  • 9h20: In the bus with all the other commis, Pixie, Trainer one and revolver Eyes are across the alley from me and seem about to fall asleep as well. I crack open the “Monster” energy drink (for those of you who do not live in America, a Monster is pretty much like a Red Bull, except in a ginormous can and it comes in several different tastes and for different people like “special low carbs” or “zero calories”. There’s even a Monster morning drink “special pisshead who was shitfaced the night before” which provides not only energy, but also rehydratation.Anyway.)
  • 9h 40: Buy second Monster from vending machine. Will need it. Notice all of my coworker also have a can in hand. Today we will need energy as we are working until the next year.)
  • 10h10: Finish Myriam’s Monster. Am turning into Monster junkie.
  • 10h30: Half mad with all the Monster energy drink abuse, I start working, or rather, running around the restaurant like a madwomen carrying racks of glasses, buckets of ice, and throwing coffee pots around. Am teamed with Revolver Eyes and Cha (have I ever mentioned this girl in my posts? she is from that same “June 7th group” as me, Princess Sara and Bernadette).
  • 11h30:Peggy, who overslept, probably on the phone to one of her exotic lovers from the other side of the world (heehee she’ll punch me for writing that tomorrow morning) turns up.
  • 12h: The restaurant has filled up to the brim with happy tourists.
  • 12h45: Happy tourists have finished their meals and gradually start leaving the premises. We start running around like headless chickens resetting their tables and bringing in loads of stock. (note to self: try to remember that Revolver Eyes is not the boss of me anymore .Can actually stop saying “Sir yes Sir!” when she asks for something and do not need to execute orders in the next nanosecond after they have been given 😀 )
  • 15h: Time for New Years Eve buffet: I shovel food in my mouth and head back to the buzz station so the girls can take their turns at having lunch. Rush rush, we have never been so busy.
  • 17h:A huge cramp curiously and not so conveniently situated in my backside. Very weird. I hadn’t thought I’d been using that part of my body so much that day. Impossible to walk fast, though, and carrying weight is getting difficult. I abandon the stock duty to Cha for a while.
  • 21h:Backside is getting better. Relay an exhausted Revolver Eyes at stock duty.
  • 00h: We have all been allowed outside to watch the fireworks! So beautiful!My right buttock though, is pretty much paralyzed; the cramp has come back in a whole new super painful reedition.
  • 00h50: Girls are taking a few pictures as we are closing down the restaurant, and I sit on the floor. “whassup, you need to go pee?” Myriam asks. “I think my right buttock is paralyzed” I tell her and all the girls burst out laughing and ask to take pictures because they have never seen a paralyzed buttock before and that will be a memory to keep.
  • 3h: In bed with heat patch on my backside. Am persuaded it will never feel the same again.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

m xx


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