New York, New York (part two)

Published December 20, 2011 by Dorothy

If you haven’t read the first part of this story, it’s here. So I will proceed with my list of things to avoid:

Thing # 4: do not bring an under motivated Bernadette to museum or monuments visits

  • I found the Ellis Island museum was a wonderful place, the air was still charged with history, I loved those expos of personal belongings and family pictures of first immigrants. Bernadette’s reaction : “what are these pictures of weird old dudes?” and then “what are you looking to these old clothes and shits for?” “Well, I’m looking at the tags to see where they are from.Look, this is from Ireland. It has the Donegal blazon on it!” “great. Now you know where that granny got her dirty stinking coat from, can we go to the food court? I’m starving.”
  • Atop of the Empire State Building right on the minute we got up: “Great we been here so let’s take the elevator back down!” “But wait!” I said, waving the map of “New York landmarks from up above” I’d just bought at the 368731897435735th floor souvenir boutique. “I want to check out the Brooklyn Bridge! And the Rockefeller-” “okay okay!let’s get this over with and then we’ll get some tucker at Five Guys!” (he sighed, convinced I’d felt obligated to buy it when the shop assistant had shown it to me) “You know you didn’t have to buy this stupid useless map! I reckon that guy who made you buy it ripped you off!” “no He didn’t!” I replied, “I wanted the map!” I dragged poor Bernadette all the way around the roof to see NYC south, NYC north, NYC east and NYC west from above. He seemed totally exhausted by the time we got to Five Guys.

Thing # 5 : Do not pick out the one taxi driver who will get himself lost

So one morning I decided to go on my own to Madame Tussaud while Bernadette was sleeping in; I was supposed to meet Bernadette at twelve thirty so we would visit Harlem in the afternoon, But time ran so quickly so I decided to take a cab versus getting back home using the exhausting NYC subway. First, everything seemed to be just fine, then the driver said he was going to take some road that turned out to be closed; after that he panicked, braked on the highway then ended up driving around in circles waving desperately to other taxi drivers out of his window, shouting “HOW CAN I GET TO NEWARK??!!”. He finally found the way but once in Newark he go lost once again! “Er, we’re supposed to go left!” I said. “Are you sure? No I think you’re wrong” he told me but a few miles later, he pulled over, stopped a car with a bemused old granny in it, and asked for directions, then turned back around. “she said this way but I’m not sure…” I saw the familiar sign of the Burger king that was only a few blocks away from the guest house and asked in a shrilly voice to be dropped off here right now. I’d spent money on a cab ride, but the journey had been waaaayyy longer than a train ride. I grumbled about this and managed to get 20 bucks off the fare.

A cab ride to the airport : 52 $. Checking in luggage : 25 $. breakfast at the airport : 7 $. a 4 days adventure in NYC that sound like the scenario of the next Ashton Kutcher movie : Priceless.

stay tuned!! mxx


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