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Over the Rainbow

Published October 26, 2011 by Dorothy

Dear people who read me,

We always think : “I can’t deal with that” we also think: “Why is this happening to me and not him/her/them?” and “I can’t live with that, it’s too hard.”

Actually, I think, all of us are only dealt with a hand we can handle.

till I post again (tomorrow),

m XX



Born to be Wild

Published October 7, 2011 by Dorothy

Some times earlier, I said I would put more videos and pictures on this blog. Seeing as I don’t have so much time to write a new article now (although I have plenty to tell- articles will be coming shortly) I will share this short video of our trip to the everglades, (will tell you all about that and the NYC trip later on) Caution, Aligators!

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