Everybody hurts

Published July 20, 2011 by Dorothy

Two days of being a trainer: Most memorabel moments :

  • When Pixie and newly turned lead princess Sara declared : “So,you can take care of trainee Ginger and trainee Chaplin and teach them both how to open the line” (I nickname them that because Ginger has lovely red hair and trainee Chaplin really looks like old Charlie with his mimicks and the beret the boys have to wear in the bakery) I first thought they were playing a prank on me and kind of giggled, which made all the trainees present giggle too.

But then I looked at Pixie and she looked absolutely serious, she had her “don’t mess with me” face on and was not smiling at all, so I thought then that maybe she’d gone clinically insane? I’ve always said staying stuck in that kitchen is bad for you, in these chocolate chip cookies fumes and all. I hate training, and I suck at it because I’m too shy.But anyway, I went on to train the two little newbies and the were very good, actually, wayyyyy better trainees than myself 🙂 and I managed to teach them the opening of the drinks station right, only I forgot about opening the wine bottles. Actually,I’m not that dreadful a trainer, Pixie  and Princess Sara might have flair 😀

  • Marshall decided to play pranks on the new kids in town. He a) told one new girl that she had to count the paper plates every hour and tell Pixie how many we had. Imagine that we have piles of 87648638364 paper plates. And the poor girl took him seriously and actually counted them for like, a few hours before she realized it was a joke! b) made a boy believe that he had to wash the managers cars every morning and the boy  believed him and was ready to do it! he asked where were the keys and all!! and c)he very seriously asked another girl to rotate the baking sheets we use for the oven every hour and put fresher sheets on top!

hahahahaha that was very funny but I’m glad I haven’t been trained by Marshall. I would have lost the plot! By the way, I haven’t told you about Marshall yet: he arrived same day as I did and he is really tall and really funny and reminds me of Marshall in How I met Your Mother. Hence the nickname!

  • A male trainee (Trainee Saniwipes) had forgotten his socks today. So he went to that place where they sell last minute stuff you could have forgotten before going to work,(deodorant, toothpaste, etc… because it is really important that we are well groomed here, or we could get warnings) and so he bought girl’s tights and simply cut them into socks! He was so glad about his ingeniosity that I didn’t dare reminding him that at the same place he bought his girlie tights, they sold male socks too! He probably hasn’t noticed, poor boy 🙂
  • Today: the iced cappuccino machine broke down, then the strawberry smoothie machine borke down. Then the second cappuccino machine broke down and all the people who bought iced cappucino came to me with complaints and imperious demands of refunds. All that when I was training a girl whilst operating the register, during the midday rush, when there’s a three miles long queue at my register! I didn’t think I would survive this! but I wasn’t on double shift,luckily, and Cici rescued me at five to five : “It’s five, you can go home, I’ll take over your register!” If she wasn’t a girl and looked more like Jake Gyllenhaal I would have kissed her.

okay people! talk soon!

m xxx


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