Complainte de la Butte

Published July 8, 2011 by Dorothy

Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom!

Nothing really new is happening these days, but still, I’m keeping ya posted!

I went to two of the Disney Parks Animal Kingdom, and to Magic Kingdom with Princess Sara and La Bernadette (two workmates) and we had a blast! However, Princess Sara has the bad habit to scream his head off in every ride, even the kiddie one with the little dinosaurs 🙂 (yeah, yeah, it’s a boy I’ve nicknamed princess Sara. It’s a long story but princess Sara will recognise himself !) So at the end of the day, after listening to Princess Sara screaming the ears offa me I was almost deaf! Princess Sara should really go to Seaworld to get himself a job, instead of Disneyworld. His voice got so high in Expedition Everest, I bet he could communicate with dolphins 🙂

At work, nothing new: Only, due to some shenanigans in the  timetables, Pixie Girl is not a lead this week, she works with us  in the bakery! It is a little strange to see Pixie reduced to the status of humble baker like us: I can’t get used to it! Usually, she is always in the kitchen, and when she’s out, either we’ve done some kind of huge mistake and we’re in trouble, or she is checking that we’ve done our cleaning well and we’re in trouble. Anytime I see her coming near me I have a fright, thinking “what? what have I done ? Did I forgot to clean under the counter? did I forget to tell the kitchen that we were out of creme brulées ?” before remembering that she is only a bakery host like us for now.

Pixie’s natural place is really in the kitchen shouting at us, that’s for sure.


Fun week!

m xx


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