Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes

Published July 4, 2011 by Dorothy

Dear lovely friends who come for a taste of our lovely cakes everyday, these guidelines are just for you. A lot of you already know them and we love you for that. However, some of you don’t, so that is a reminder.

  1. You may expect me to understand and speak English, which is the national language of the great United States. However, you shall not adress me in German, Swahili, Portuguese, Polish, Togolese, etc, and get mad at me for not understanding you straight away. However smart I may be, my name is not Google Translator, unfortunately!
  2. You are allowed unlimited use of “hello, good morning, thank you, please, goodbye” and other magic words you may have heard about. These brighten our days. Do not hesitate to use them once in a while!
  3. When you make up your mind about what you are going to eat, you may swivel your head around. If there are 198754976378357 people waiting behind you, we suggest you keep your decision time down to a minimum. Taking under twenty minutes to make your choice would be a good start.
  4. We do understand that you sometimes snap your fingers or whistle to attact the attention of your cats, dogs, hamsters and other furry friends. However, as you will notice, none of us are furry (well some of us are…but you get my point) and we respond perfectly well to a simple “excuse me” of “hi, can I have [name of desired product]”
  5. We love to have you around. However, when it is nine thirty and you are all alone in our modest abode, with us waiting to close the door since nine, you may want to leave and go elsewhere to sip your cappuccino whilst daydreaming . That would help us a great deal.

Thank you all!! lots of love and hugs and kisses!

m xx



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