Gotta Get Along Without You Now (arrival,part 3)

Published July 3, 2011 by Dorothy

Day 3 :

I arrived to discover I would be trained to use the cash register. Handling money is always a bit stressful; so I stressed all along the day as you would expect from me. I wasn’t with my usual trainer but this new one was okay too; especially as I kept panicking and messing everything up, I must have been kinda annoying, but Trainer 2 did not say anything about that. I think if I ever have to train someone like me I’ll resign 🙂

I did every mistake I could possibly do:

  •  thrown away receipt I had to keep for paperwork (“it’s okay, it’s only your first day” Trainer 2 sighed. Before overturning the bin and gesturing for me to help him find the missing ticket.)
  • charged a grandad for 270 chocolate croissants when he had only ordered two. “oh f**k” trainer 2 said, then looking from my  face growing panicky to the ticket saying the grandad had been charged 695472729.65 $:    “herm, t’s’okay, don’t stress. I’ll sort this out. Hold on to the register and no more catastrophes for 5 minutes while I’m looking for the manager?”
  • Drove the coffee machine crazy;I punched the wrong button and it served me a whole liter of decaf even though I kept shouting at it to stop pouring coffee this instant.
  • Somehow managed to make 11  dollars disappear from the till; whe counted and counted the money again about a dozen times after we closed the bakery (poor trainer 2 stoically helped me and smiled through the whole process) but we still couldn’t find it.The manager gave me the cross looks but let us go unscathed, ordering us to clock out.

So now that’s it. I’m trained at every job in the bakery! no more trainers! though I’d probably need some more training!

later that day I met trainer 2 at a party and he toasted me,calling me his little “full of shit checkout girl” ! humhum. He probably shares my views on my needing more training.

stay tuned!!!



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