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the Star Spangled Banner (arrival, part one)

Published June 25, 2011 by Dorothy

Arrived! and it was a long long way!

Level 1 : Make it out of Ireland

Easy, will you say? well, not if you spent 5 days prior to your departure drinking vodka with Shirley, Hev and Dot! I’d promised myself that the night before I left I’d totally go to bed at 8 in the evening, but the evening came and the kir came about and Matt the Miller’s came up in the conversation. And before I knew it I was locked, in a taxi, heading for the pub. We made it back home about an hour and a half before my airport shuttle left Kilkenny, and I drunkenly fell asleep on top of Dot and almost missed it!

That’s not the funniest part, though; still intoxicated, I arrived in the airport, checked in my luggage and after that I got lost in the terminal and my flight was delayed because of me! I’m telling you, I’m meant to be a star. This is proper diva behaviour, isn’t it 🙂 ? The American air hostesses gave out as soon as they saw me coming at the boarding gate, and I did deserve it 🙂 but then when I went through security check and the Irish security lads had a good aul laugh at me. “had your goin away party last night didja? had fun didja? haha yeah just give da passport to Liam there!” And so I ran and shoved the passport in Liam’s face, he was trying not to laugh too hard and he said : “ah, don’t ye worry yourself, ye’re grand! ye’re not the last one, we’re waiting on other people!” Still I snatched my passport back and ran away. Ah, I’m so going to miss Irish people!

The flight was okay, only the beef Stroganoff we had for lunch was really bizarre (beef Crapanoff,more like) and it was the definition of “bite size”;one spoon of mashed potatoes,one spoon of spinach, a bit of beef floating in Crapanoff sauce and that was it! And also,the landing felt like being in the Tower of Terror; apart from that, fine. I arrived in Philadelphia completely exhausted, and waited for my connecting flight to Orlando; That was okay, I had a rest and I even got time to play Matrix with the American payphone; that phone was really cool, it looked just like in the movie so I couldn’t resist.

Level 2 : Make it out of Orlando Airport and to home

first, I hand a zillion bags (I don’t know how I managed but this time none of my bags were overweight.Still, they were fierce heavy). And second, I had no clue where I was and where to go next, and I’d had the excellent idea to not come with the group of French people, but on my own, so I had nobody to rely on for help. But then a young luggage kid came by to offer his help carrying my luggage out of the airport. The poor guy ended up an improvised travel agent, telling me where to go in the airport to find an atm, finding out for me where the airport shuttle counter was, organizing my transport, holding on to my luggage while I went to the restroom…Given how much of a pain in the backside I was being, I estimated I had to tip him ten bucks. I do hope it’s enough. Because without him I’d probably still be in Orlando airport dragging my suitaceses around in circles 🙂

level 3 : find food

I rode in the bus with another two new Disney cast members (that’s how people who work at Disney are called : Cast members) ,and we were greeted, at our arrival, by a super smily dude, with gleaming teeth impossibly white and glowing skin impossibly tanned, looking like he had stepped out of an ad for Colgate. He happily waved at the bus  and invited us in the welcome center, where another cast member was waiting to brief us.

“Sooo” Colgate said. “here are some cookies and apples, you guy can help yourselves while we review your files…” I was starving, because I had had nothing to eat since the beef Crapanoff but I don’t really like sweet things when I’m hungry, so I passed. I’d rather go and do some shopping, I thought…

“If you want to do some shopping you can go to Wal-Mart” Colgate’s colleague said.” But you have to take bus Z235 which leaves from commons clubhouse which is there, (he had unfolded a map and was pointing out places to us) you take a bus from here, then stop at the clubhouse bus stop, and then get out ans take the H689 but then when you arrive you must go left, right, wait no, left, left , then past the market.”

…or not. I’d rather go for the cookies and apple than get lost in Orlando, actually. I’d go the next morning, when I and my brain would be fresh and rested. Colgate gave us paperwork to fill out and also a timetable for the next few days.

“So do you understand guys ?” (flash of white teeth) “tomorrow, be there at eight o’clock sharp for your first welcome session!” Meaning no time for Wal-Mart tomorrow before the reunion. I extended my hand to the cookies bowl and subrepticely grabbed a few more.

“Yeah, yeah, take more, take more, it’s all for you!” Colgate’s colleague encouraged. We were then driven to our homes, mine was totally empty, all the flatmates were still at work. You can see a picture of the house above 🙂

the next morning I went to the reunion and decided to go to Wal-Mart with my colleague to be, Sam, and we got off the bus at the wrong stop; we still found a small supermarket, Publix, where I was able to get some food!

now I’ve got to go get ready for work so no time left to talk to you about my first days,, but check back for part two of this post, coming soon 🙂

m xxx

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