Get this party started

Published May 15, 2011 by Dorothy

Things I have learned during the evening out in Nantes with the girls (Our own Heather from Tipperary, Fellow Nanny now officially nicknamed Dot and Aunty E, now officially nicknamed Shirley.)

  • Thing number one : You feel that you have too much thoughts locked inside you? You need to talk, express yourself ? You want to let it all out ? Pour your heart out to everybody who will listen? Well, I’ve got just the combo for you : Some Kir Peche+some white wine+a crepe+ a couple of pints! haha I don’t really know if it’s because I had been off the booze for quite some time, but for some reason, the drinks got to my head and made me SO rowdy. I spent the night talking the ears off everybody! (sorry by the way,girls- next time feel free to knock me out if I tell the same silly anecdote more than three times in a row 😀 )
  • Thing number two : When you’re a youngster, when you’re  in and you’re a fashionista it’s absolutely out of the question to wear earplugs. Even if your neighbour is the octomum and her babies.Even if you are four people sleeping in the same room, including Heather who likes chatting away in her sleep about oats and milk. Otherwise you may get called “Aul woman” “Vieille grognon sac” who wears “Granny Earmuffs”. Yes aul Shirley and aul Heather told me and Dot, and they were definite about it! 😀
  • Thing number three : I have spent like, two years using words that are most inappropriate: I now know I cannot call people “gobshites” whent I find them a little annoying or slow because it’s quite an offensive word. And I cannot use “bleedin” before every second word unless I want people to believe that I am a scary person and am about to rob them. Actually I might say it in front of Ryanair ladies, so they are afraid of me and let me get away with my overweight suitcase! good idea, no ? hehehee!
  • thing number four : When Dot says she can’t handle alcohol, she is fibbing. She had as much as I had and she wasn’t the one who carried on babbling about how uncle Shane was really scary with his misterious Kilkenny accent nobody understands 😀  Actually everytime I see Dot she drinks and drinks and is always sober! That is most unfair. I would pay to see Dot tipsy singing Highland Paddy 😀
  • Thing number five : Tipperary+Kilkenny+ Nantes combo is deadly 🙂 even if we took the girls to an empty bleedin aul pub, the evening was pretty funny! Then again maybe I was just entertaining myself with my own silly drunken anecdotes! Haha girls : You are superfun, the three of youse!


Stay tuned !

m xxx


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