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Where Is My Mind

Published April 26, 2011 by Dorothy

cliffs of Moher

These days are busy days and I am thankful for that. Being very busy means less time to thinkthinkthink and frankly my overactive brain does need the break.

There’s that time, in your life, when you’re so eager to grow up. You count your steps up to adulthood: how many centimeters taller since last year, how many baby teeth you’ve lost, how adult your once shapeless body is turning. And then, when eventually there’s no countdowns left and you are fully grown, you realize. You’ve been so busy climbing, haven’t you when youth was on your side; and now you’re on top you’re going to tumble down the slippery slope of growing old.

And there’s that time, like today, when you are like at a crossroads and you feel you don’t have time to hesitate and wander your way through life anymore.You see, this is the exact moment when “what you could be” is turning into “what you’ve become”. Time to make definite choices. Stressful times for me altogether.

Anyways on a happier note 😀

a) I’m now halfway through the visa process

 b) I’ve discovered I’ll be allowed TWO suitcases on the plane PLUS hand luggage that weighs 18 kgs which, (if you happen to know me you will know why), is the best news ever 😀 .I mean, seriously, most of these companies allow you only 30 kilos or something. How can I, with just 30 kgs allowed, bring a decent selection of novels, DVD’s, party dresses,musical instruments, clothes for warm weather, clothes for cold weather? (ok, it’s going to be tropical climate but you never know do you? I mean, I saw on telly that it snowed in Africa, once. I bet that time tourists regretted that they didn’t pack their jumpers.ha.). I’ve never been on a AA plane but it’s already my fave company.

c) I’m coming up with a satisfying plot for the novel. I am still working it out though, because it’s sort of complex. I had to draw a little timeline to remind myself what happens and why  because I keep getting lost in all the terrific twist of my future page turner. I’m like but why did Brenda’s mammy got squished by the dragon before Brenda was born, was that a clever twist in the story or was I drunk when I wrote or what? And also, one day, I came up with a super good enigma to spice up my plot, I was so happy with meself and all!problem, though : I forgot the answer to the enigma and now, despite hours of thinking about it I can’t decipher my own mystery!What an eejit. Some Agatha Christie in the making, arent’t I!

d) Thor and Country Strong will be in cinemas soon 🙂 and I am hoping to see Hesher too

Anyways, the pixies for ye

Have a nice day!


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