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Published March 8, 2011 by Dorothy

I couldn’t sleep last night.

Sleepless nights are gloomy, especially when you don’t have sky tv and have to watch reruns of the A-Team, documentaries about the eating habits of Peruvian bull-ants and movies nobody ever heard about starring George Clooney when he had a mullet. So I:

  • Listened to music that reminded me of good times. Music is magic. When you listen to music, it fills up with precious moments, memories beautiful like gems. And then, later on, when you’re sad and you listen to it, it brings the beauty, taste and feel of those ancient, special days back.
  • Went through pictures of my travelling. When in a gloomy, unproductive mood, the sight of faraway, foreign sceneries always lifts my mood. Here you can see a pic I took in Firoda. Of all the pictures I brought back from the Emerald Isle, this one is one of my favourite.
  • Wrote a “to do” list for the trip I’ve got to take in June. Janey Macaroni. I have to a) pack a suitcase that weighs less than 25 kilos, and figuring out how to do this will take me at least a month. b) go to Paris for visas. c) visit two of my three BFFs who live in Grenoble. One has a newborn baby I have to meet before I go, otherwise I won’t see him before he’s twenty, the poor wee lad. d) get organized to ship my stuff back from Ireland. It is quite safe in Orla’s shed but I’m starting to feel really rude now, it’s been there over a year, since I’ve left it. And this year had simply been hectic, and I haven’t been able to go back.e) etcetcetcetc… Actually, this is crazy, and it didn’t help me sleep better. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do that in such a little time.
  • Wrote a part of the novel. An imaginary world is just what you need, when you’re sighing at the dullness of the night of the real one. And I’m writing quite fast too! I just need a title. I’m never good with titles.

Have a good one and listen to this! The first tune is one of my favourite tunes and despite the racket you can hear in the backgroud it’s still lovely :D. It’s really soothing to listen to at night.

Stay tuned ! Mxx


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