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If You Can’t Sleep (Lyon part 2)

Published January 27, 2011 by Dorothy

(by She and Him)

The next morning, after a restless night of worrying, I very reluctantly got up at 6 am. I was supposed to be at the Brasserie for the interview at 9.30 am but  with the strike, I assumed I was probably going to have to walk part of the way, if not all the way, and maybe the bus would drop me someplace unknown and I’d have to find my way around Lyon.

None of this happened; the train was on time, the bus was on time, I found Brasserie de l’Ouest in an instant and so: I was a zillion hours early, the brasserie was closed. I discreetely replaced my flats by heels. (I planned to walk to the brasserie with my flats on and change shoes to fit the “business look” asked in the emails just when I arrived. I cannot walk with heels across a flat surface without tripping over, twisting my ankles or make a fool of myself one way or another. Let alone getting in and out of buses, climbing stairs in tube stations, walking in paved streets with them on. Unsafe.)

I was on my own for a while and then some other people came around, the boys looking like Prince Charles. Or Alfred in Batman.The girls in chic suits, five stars hotel style. Hem hem hem, I felt a little underdressed now, I mean, I had dressed neatly but simply, I didn’t look like I came in directly from the Ritz…And that meant they probably all had worked in hospitality already…except me.

Fortunately, more people turned up, and some like me only wore black pants and a simple shirt; one even came in his sweatpants.

The whole morning was quite fun; we were sat alltogether in a conference room and quizzed about Disney movies, then shown videos about how cool and sunny it was in Florida and how great the Disney residences looked (and how silly you’d look in an old French peasant from the 1800’s costume; funny. I love dressing up anyway.)

The afternoon was a bit more stressful; each of us had individual interviews, one with the French Supervisors of the restaurant, one with the American guys from WDW. I was getting really tired and nervous and I was the very last one to be interviewed; by the time my name was called I was an emotional wreck, to the point that the interviewer told me to relax, probably worried that  was going to pass out on him.

 I was worrying about my English, because I’d stayed in France a year, but I actually had way more trouble answering questions in French; it makes sense, actually, since I’d spent almost all my “career” in English speaking countries and was more used to interviews in English. And also, the American recruiters were way less scary than the French ones, they were like characters from 7th heaven. I hope the staff will all be this nice at Disneyland.

Oh, because a few days later I’ve had the email: successful interview, and job starts on the 7th of June! How cooooooooool!

As usual, I’ll let you go with a tune for ya 🙂 very soothing, good if you have insomnia 🙂

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