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Island in the stream

Published November 5, 2010 by Dorothy

(sung by Dolly Parton et Kenny Rogers)

went to Lyon for a job interview with walt disney world florida. It should have gone like this : I arrive in Lyon one day before the interview, check in a hostel in Vieux Lyon and visit the city for a little while. Then have a nice meal somewhere,relax, go to bed and get ready for the interview.
But it was me, and as you may know, I’m prone to getting myself into complicated situation.
I arrived in Lyon and the whole city Looked like a scene from the reign of fire, except without Matthew McConaughey; Burned cars, broken shop windows,policemen everywhere you turned,people roaring, running around,smoke, shouts, blood, screams. I had arrived in the middle of a raging strike. There’s a lot of strikes going on throughout the country these days but Lyon was the epicentre of it all.
Nethertheless, I shouldered my backpack,my other two bags, and tried to find the tube station. Once I did, I had to wait like 20 minutes because traffic was disturbed and then squeeze myself in the train along with a zillion other people grumbling about the strikes. My bags were heavy on my shoulders and I was quite sure this grandma behind me was clinging to it to keep her balance ,adding to the weight “Well, at least, this will soon be over, I’ll get to my room, kick back and relax a little bit…” I thought.
The train set in motion and I sighed with relief, checking my map carefully. I had never been in Lyon before, so I’d easily get lost with my rubbish sense of directions.I can’t tell right from left, so you can imagine it would be hard for me to find a tiny hostel in the middle of Reign of fire city…
“TUMDUMDUM-DUUUUM!”the loudspeakers in the metro coughed a little “your attention please, for safety reasons, the train will not stop at Station Centre Ville and Station Whatever,so you may step out of the train at the last stop Lyon Stade de Gerland. Transports en commun de Lyon thanks you for your cooperation. ” What ? We’ll dump you wherever and thank you? But,but!I wanted to jump off the train when I saw my stop pass by but the window was too small for me to fit through, I should really stay away from Ben and Jerry,it would really help me is some situations.
But as it was,I was left at an unknown station,with my bags and aching shoulders and not a clue about where I was.I went around asking how to get to vieux lyon, nobody knew nor cared, so I decided to head back to the train station. I sat and ate a sandwich there, waiting for the strike to end.
I tried the bus, but Vieux Lyon was currently like, “the place to be if you want to get gased or hit by a flashball” so the bus driver said there was no way he was going back there.

I went to the mall then, looking for some toilets because I had been drinking a LOT of diet coke. The toilet was on the fourth floor, and only once I climbed up there did I notice that I needed a 50 cents coin for the toilet fee and I didn’t have one. And of course, to make change, I needed to go back to the ground floor.

I’ll spare you the details on how I got gased when I finally got near vieux Lyon and so I had to U-turn,whilst crying and half throwing up the tear gas I had breathed in before I found the hostel, and how I wandered the streets to find accomodation for the night in a quieter place, in a hotel that reminded me of the Tower of terror in Disneyland.

(details of the interview day in the next post)

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