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Douce France (Charles trenet, 1963)

Published October 2, 2010 by Dorothy

It’s strange to come back home after a long long stay abroad. The same feelings, the same colors, the smells, the sounds. It is all the same after all these years, and yet it isn’t, and yet you don’t fit in quite as exactly as you did before you went away. It takes a while, though, to realize that it is you, not the place, that has changed entirely.

I need little pieces of Ireland and Australia with me now, I can’t help it, these places just haunt me, I miss them like you can’t imagine. SO I started step dancing lessons, which are not really step dancing because the teacher is mainly an American tap dancer and she calls step dancing “Irish tap”, that sounds all wrong. But she’s nice anyway.

First lesson : I had a drink too many and just couldn’t bring myself to be coordinated. I thought it would be allright, I only had a couple of drinks with mates half an hour before the dancing and it’s not like I was unused to alcohol, but no, it really affected my ability to concentrate and move my body in a coherent way. I ended up hoping around like some eejit and giggling my way through the lesson, so, very important, people, don’t drink and drive. Because you should have seen me, doing drunken trebles and hopbacks that’s terrible. Drinking and dancing is pretty bad and shameful 😀 , let alone drinking and driving. hehe.

I’m better at it sober, I probably still look like a dancing tool but not as much 🙂

anyway people. will tell you more later on.
am in a bit of a hurry.

Stay tuned
m xx

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