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Published July 30, 2010 by Dorothy

sunset on the Murray

Drink Bourbon,drink Sambuca,
Dance barefeet in the grass,
Drink yourself mad,till it doesn’t matter anymore,whatever it is…
Till you’re shameless,till you’re weightless,till life’s painless,yeah baby that’s the way to go.

Did I tell you the whole world fits in a smile ?
Did I tell you the whole world is hung to your lips ?

Fall asleep watching the stars,
Fall asleep in an old car,
Tour around the world,go find what you’re looking for,whatever it is…
don’t live for yesterday,don’t live for tomorrow,live for and embrace today,yeah baby that’s the way to go.

Did I tell you I’ve never learned to cry ?
Did I tell you I’m so so so far away …

Follow summer wherever he goes,
Follow the tracks along the ocean,
Follow the dreams of your heart always,whatever it is…
for one year ,two years,a lifetime slip away so fast.

Crazy crazy days…


So I’m back in France and prepiring my departure to faraway lands,of course…For now, we’re getting ready to go to Disneyland so mum can have her annual Disney fix 😀 . For those to whom I owe extracts of the aul novel: Don’t despair, I’m sending it away.

Today ain’t that good a day.

I’m missing good aul’ times…They’ll come back around.

Stay tuned…M xx

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