Her Majesty (the Beatles,1969)

Published May 11, 2010 by Dorothy

Visit of the tower of London today, very cool place well worth a visit 🙂

I saw the crown Jewels! At first I thought “Did they really put the crowns on display ? Aren’t they afraid somebody tries to steal them ?” but then I realised they were very well protected.

 First,if you wanted to steal the jewels,you’d have to face the guards; there’s about a zillion guards and even though they don’t look very scary in their uniform that makes them look like they were going to a costume party, they’re really watching you.And even if you sneak past the guards, when you get in, you don’t get directly to the jewel room; you have to walk through like, five or six rooms and watch endless films of the Queen someone and the Prince someone waving, being crowned, being bored out of their minds in the parliament,etc,etc.

And if you do get through this without being plunged in the deepest of sleeps, and are strong enough to make it to the actual room, then if you want to get anywhere near the jewel display you have to face the flock of kids on schooltrips. They are gregarious and curiously attached to each other; you cannot walk through their flock without having your feet stomped on, being laughed at disdainously, earing glass shattering screeches and comments like “wots that on the top of her crown anyway that looks like a willy.” I mean, even the great star of Africa isn’t worth the plight of swimming through a sea of sarcastic 14 years olds. I gave up getting near the display after a minute and just read the signs (nobody else seemed to be interested, by the way).

The tower of London is actually a castle with 20 tower, it was fascinating; the air was still heavy  with history; you could almost hear the clinking armors of knights running up the staircases, and hear Anne Boleyn’s lonely sighs in the royal appartments.

Had a great day!



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