The New girl in Town (hairspray 2007)

Published May 8, 2010 by Dorothy

Two option for the newcomer who wants to visit London:

Option one :

It’s the easiest : Take the city tour bus, sit on top of it with your camera and see all the landmarks at once.

But there’s a few inconvenients; first, be prepared to take pics very quickly; the bus stops for  about half a second at each landmark before whipping you away to the next, therefore all the pictures you will take will either be blurry, or else completely shitty (I did the bus tour in Dublin and now have an excellent collection of pictures, half the st Patricks Cathedral, half the temple bar, half the James Joyce museum). Also, if you are in a rainy joint where sun is rare as rocking horse shite a place like England, Brittany or Ireland, you may consider the weather; sitting on top of a bus in the wind and drizzle will ruin your hairdo and give you pneumonia for the rest of your stay and make you look stupid. Unfortunately, for some reason, in most countries I’ve visited, tourist = eejit and it is not the sight of you soaked in rain, sitting atop of bus that looks like a rainbow threw up on it, that will change their minds.

Nethertheless, I almost went on the bus, but then the driver told me the price “it’s 26 pounds ” 26 pounds ?I asked. like, 30 euros or so ? what does it do for twenty six pounds ? does it fly ? does it do funny staff like the magicobus in Harry Potter ? does it drive you home after the visit?  can it time travel ? “nope” the driver laughed heartily. “only goes to king’s cross, westminster abbey and notting hills, I’m afraid, young lady”

So I decided I’d go for the other option : Get myself a map of the London underground,a book “London for Dummies” and go for an adventure ! Anan adventure that mostly involves standing in front of signs  with the aforementioned map in hands, being pushed around by busy Londoners, their eyes screaming “get outta me way with your bleedin map, ye eejit!” (actually, that doesn’t sount British, does it? it would be more “Get out of my way with your sodding map you git!” 😀 )

Anyway, it’s a cheaper option and it’s way more fun.AND you get better pics. I’ll put them online tomorrow, as today I can’t upload anything (poxy internet connection :s)

see youse tomorrow!

m xxx


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