She’s got her ticket (Tracy Chapman, 1991)

Published May 3, 2010 by Dorothy

Boy, do I need a few weeks away from this place. I’m going to go for a little while, but I’ll be back for summer holidays, as I have promised. I had a very interesting offer to go to work in Ireland for the summer again, and frankly I would have loved to go back to Schull and mind Fairy and Elf again, but I am already going to Nantes and then Disneyland with mam and the kids.

I knew you could be addicted to all sorts of things, food, drugs, shopping, but I had no idea you could become a Disneyland junkie; that’s what’s Mam is becoming. Like, how many times can you go there before you’re a little bored of it ? She never is. First, we went three days, then she went a week three years ago, then we went again for a week last year; and this year, guess how long she decided we’d go: ten days! We go so often that last year, they actually left a welcome note, and a box of prezzies and chocolates in our room that we found when we arrived. Like we were Brangelina or something. Anyway, this year, as it’s the fourth time, I’m hoping for Godivas and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

So that’s it, we’re in again for a few days of

> Disney characters sighting (who can hardly move and not speak so they always seem really dumb)

> queuing six hours for a ride that lasts 1.37 minutes

> being pushed around by teen girls who are chasing the fake Jack Sparrow always hanging around in the park.

> Spending 25 euros in a Mickey pen, a Buzz Lightyear flashlight, or a pooh bear music box. All of which will stop working in a week. Or if it still miraculously works, it will definitely attract the attention of some kid in you entourage and will get smashed on the ground.

I found a job,a few weeks ago, for May, June and half of July. It’s overseas and you get to guess where I ‘m going!

Hint one > It’s none of my favourite places in the world, so, no Kilkenny or anywhere in Ireland, and no Australia.

Hint two > my fave music band is from this country and so is the actor I was in love with when I was still wearing braces.

Hint three > even though I’m not in love with this actor anymore, there’s another actor, this one Irish, who has all my interest today, and he lives in the town where I’m going.

Hint four > The airfare to go to this place is very small; it’s a short distance from France. Not more expensive than a ticket from Nantes to the South of France.

Stay tuned J

M xxx



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