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Her Majesty (the Beatles,1969)

Published May 11, 2010 by Dorothy

Visit of the tower of London today, very cool place well worth a visit 🙂

I saw the crown Jewels! At first I thought “Did they really put the crowns on display ? Aren’t they afraid somebody tries to steal them ?” but then I realised they were very well protected.

 First,if you wanted to steal the jewels,you’d have to face the guards; there’s about a zillion guards and even though they don’t look very scary in their uniform that makes them look like they were going to a costume party, they’re really watching you.And even if you sneak past the guards, when you get in, you don’t get directly to the jewel room; you have to walk through like, five or six rooms and watch endless films of the Queen someone and the Prince someone waving, being crowned, being bored out of their minds in the parliament,etc,etc.

And if you do get through this without being plunged in the deepest of sleeps, and are strong enough to make it to the actual room, then if you want to get anywhere near the jewel display you have to face the flock of kids on schooltrips. They are gregarious and curiously attached to each other; you cannot walk through their flock without having your feet stomped on, being laughed at disdainously, earing glass shattering screeches and comments like “wots that on the top of her crown anyway that looks like a willy.” I mean, even the great star of Africa isn’t worth the plight of swimming through a sea of sarcastic 14 years olds. I gave up getting near the display after a minute and just read the signs (nobody else seemed to be interested, by the way).

The tower of London is actually a castle with 20 tower, it was fascinating; the air was still heavy  with history; you could almost hear the clinking armors of knights running up the staircases, and hear Anne Boleyn’s lonely sighs in the royal appartments.

Had a great day!



The New girl in Town (hairspray 2007)

Published May 8, 2010 by Dorothy

Two option for the newcomer who wants to visit London:

Option one :

It’s the easiest : Take the city tour bus, sit on top of it with your camera and see all the landmarks at once.

But there’s a few inconvenients; first, be prepared to take pics very quickly; the bus stops for  about half a second at each landmark before whipping you away to the next, therefore all the pictures you will take will either be blurry, or else completely shitty (I did the bus tour in Dublin and now have an excellent collection of pictures, half the st Patricks Cathedral, half the temple bar, half the James Joyce museum). Also, if you are in a rainy joint where sun is rare as rocking horse shite a place like England, Brittany or Ireland, you may consider the weather; sitting on top of a bus in the wind and drizzle will ruin your hairdo and give you pneumonia for the rest of your stay and make you look stupid. Unfortunately, for some reason, in most countries I’ve visited, tourist = eejit and it is not the sight of you soaked in rain, sitting atop of bus that looks like a rainbow threw up on it, that will change their minds.

Nethertheless, I almost went on the bus, but then the driver told me the price “it’s 26 pounds ” 26 pounds ?I asked. like, 30 euros or so ? what does it do for twenty six pounds ? does it fly ? does it do funny staff like the magicobus in Harry Potter ? does it drive you home after the visit?  can it time travel ? “nope” the driver laughed heartily. “only goes to king’s cross, westminster abbey and notting hills, I’m afraid, young lady”

So I decided I’d go for the other option : Get myself a map of the London underground,a book “London for Dummies” and go for an adventure ! Anan adventure that mostly involves standing in front of signs  with the aforementioned map in hands, being pushed around by busy Londoners, their eyes screaming “get outta me way with your bleedin map, ye eejit!” (actually, that doesn’t sount British, does it? it would be more “Get out of my way with your sodding map you git!” 😀 )

Anyway, it’s a cheaper option and it’s way more fun.AND you get better pics. I’ll put them online tomorrow, as today I can’t upload anything (poxy internet connection :s)

see youse tomorrow!

m xxx

She’s got her ticket (Tracy Chapman, 1991)

Published May 3, 2010 by Dorothy

Boy, do I need a few weeks away from this place. I’m going to go for a little while, but I’ll be back for summer holidays, as I have promised. I had a very interesting offer to go to work in Ireland for the summer again, and frankly I would have loved to go back to Schull and mind Fairy and Elf again, but I am already going to Nantes and then Disneyland with mam and the kids.

I knew you could be addicted to all sorts of things, food, drugs, shopping, but I had no idea you could become a Disneyland junkie; that’s what’s Mam is becoming. Like, how many times can you go there before you’re a little bored of it ? She never is. First, we went three days, then she went a week three years ago, then we went again for a week last year; and this year, guess how long she decided we’d go: ten days! We go so often that last year, they actually left a welcome note, and a box of prezzies and chocolates in our room that we found when we arrived. Like we were Brangelina or something. Anyway, this year, as it’s the fourth time, I’m hoping for Godivas and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

So that’s it, we’re in again for a few days of

> Disney characters sighting (who can hardly move and not speak so they always seem really dumb)

> queuing six hours for a ride that lasts 1.37 minutes

> being pushed around by teen girls who are chasing the fake Jack Sparrow always hanging around in the park.

> Spending 25 euros in a Mickey pen, a Buzz Lightyear flashlight, or a pooh bear music box. All of which will stop working in a week. Or if it still miraculously works, it will definitely attract the attention of some kid in you entourage and will get smashed on the ground.

I found a job,a few weeks ago, for May, June and half of July. It’s overseas and you get to guess where I ‘m going!

Hint one > It’s none of my favourite places in the world, so, no Kilkenny or anywhere in Ireland, and no Australia.

Hint two > my fave music band is from this country and so is the actor I was in love with when I was still wearing braces.

Hint three > even though I’m not in love with this actor anymore, there’s another actor, this one Irish, who has all my interest today, and he lives in the town where I’m going.

Hint four > The airfare to go to this place is very small; it’s a short distance from France. Not more expensive than a ticket from Nantes to the South of France.

Stay tuned J

M xxx


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