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Back in the Saddle (Aerosmith,1977)

Published April 2, 2010 by Dorothy

If the book was published, the cover would look like this. I created this image and look at it to get motivated about my writing everyday.

I am doing so many things at the same time, I hardly find time for the old blog, and it is a shame, I know, but I should be back writing more often, pretty soon.

I am still working (or trying to work) everyday on my novel, trying to finish it in time for a first novel competition. My writing isn’t perfect yet but the more I write and the better I get. It is about the three years I’ve spent travelling around. Originally, I meant to write a travel diary and tell everything exactly the way it happened, but it wasn’t that good an idea. There was lots of things I didn’t really feel like sharing with anyone, and also, there‘s some people I‘m talking about, and I don‘t think they‘d like to recognise themselves. Therefore, I decided to create an imaginary heroine for my story, and I mixed up events, changed names and made characters unrecognisable, and voilà! I turned it into a fiction. I‘m still describing a journey similar to my own , though, with all the places I‘ve visited, this much hasn‘t changed. By the way, I’m not too sure about the title yet, so any suggestions are very welcome J . My Temporary title is « In the Sky with Diamonds », you probably wonder why : If you haven’t worked this one out, I’ll tell you.

In the sky with diamonds is

a) the lyrics to a song by the Beatles, one of my fave bands. A song I was listening to a lot during the period of time I’m describing in the novel.

b) a good metaphor for my almost permanently dreamy state of mind.

Also, it’s a long story but I could be offered a job in Florida next February. Could earn a lot of money and save it all up to pay back a friend I owe money to and also to go back to Australia. Or I might get myself a job in New Zealand, or in Canada. You never know with me.

Sudying is going quite well and I’m doing it quite fast, given that it’s distance learning and that it is extremely hard for me to concentrate on anything more than five minutes, after which my mind starts to wander in imaginary lands. After that, I’ll be a soopa doopa french teacher and I’ll be able to go around travelling and do a proper job, no more poxy mango picking in Darwin and waitressing in La Baie Des Citrons of Noumea. Can’t wait for my teaching degree!!!!!

I have found a new job not too far from home, I’m quite glad. Guess where!! The first one gets free jocks and socks.

Stay tuned!!!


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