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It’s Been a While

Published January 12, 2010 by Dorothy

Dears, dears.

I know, I don’t have readers anymore, because I abandoned my friend the blog for about six months. So there , it’s how it goes: I’ve been staying  in France for a few months, and I got through some tests and did all sorts of stuff (I’ll spare you the details) and anyway, I’m now starting to study again (distance learning of course: I couldn’t be tied down somewhere because I have to go to uni and all) and, hopefully next year, I’ll graduate, and I’ll be able to teach French all over the place. Needless to say, I’m pretty interrested in Ireland and Australia.

The fiddle practice is going as good as it can without Mammy or Sinéad to help me (read: Quite badly) and it’s gone out of key and now sound very funny. The advantage of this situation is, I can now blame it on the fiddle if my playing sounds like shite.

I’ve turned 25 sometime in the mist of this end of year. The years that come and go and I barely notice.

I look back at it all, how it all changes, and I think: oh, my, how fast.

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