Catch my Disease

Published July 28, 2009 by Dorothy
I like learning new things.Once I’ve learned something new,it gives me the impression that my day was not wasted,that I am indeed going forward,although I’m not quite sure towards where I’m headed yet.
I like to estimate how hard I’ve worked the past week by looking at the amount of rosin dust accumulated at the end of my fingerboard;I like the pine scent of the sticky block of rosin when I slide it along my bow.
I like the ensemble of squeaky fiddles not played quite right yet,the tunes played completely wrong and the subsequent collapses into fits of laughter.I like being not quite good in a space where it doesn’t really matter.
I like the rare times when I get it right;they are precious accomplishments,if small,and I save them like gems,the warm feeling for rainy days.

You’d understand,I didn’t want to give up on the end of the fiddle term,despite having to come from Kilkenny,which is two hours away by bus,for the lessons.

So last week I was quite confident I was going to be able to come in the morning,do a bit of shopping,go to my lesson, and then stay over at some friend’s place for the night.

After various shenanigans,the “staying at friend’s place” part of the plan didn’t work out (Too long to explain) let’s just say that we kept trying to contact each other but failed to succeed,me having no mobile phone didn’t help the situation.(have to buy a new one very soon)

After walking around in circles wheeling my one wheeled suitcase and carrying my fiddle case on my  back,I decided to go to a hostel.A jolly hostel manager greeted me and asked me what brought me to Dublin.The whole story was too long to explain and I couldn’t think of any way to explain it that didn’t make me sound like a tool, so I simply pointed at the fiddle case and said it was music related.

“Ooooh,you’re a musician! Why not do a gig at the hostel one week end?!”

Sure,I can if you really like the Kerry Polka,because it’s pretty much all I can play,I thought,but I said I couldn’t do gigs yet because I had to “Perfect my musical abilities”.

“Ah,you’re too modest” he said merrily before he handed me the room keys.

Two of five students had actually given up on fiddle,so was quite glad I had decided to come. Only three of us left.Was a nicer,but more intensive class,that was.Got a chance to chat with other two girls.Still didn’t chat a lot with Sinead, Sinead very small,very smily and very gentle but still frightens the life out of us pupils for some reason, maybe it’s the speed at which she can play reels.

After managing a reasonable set of Polkas, we said goodbye and I headed back to hostel.Spent a few hours on the internet and almost falling asleep with head on computer keoboard,went to bed.

Woke up with tiny little red dots on my arm. Dots dissapeared quickly.Forgot all about it and went on with my day.

The next morning,tiny dots had reapeared in whole new ginourmous reedition.whole arm was red,inflated and itchy;had huge boil on left cheek.Am still on anti allergy tablets and cream,but thankfully it has all gone down.

What you wouldn’t do for fiddle class!Now if that’s not dedication!

I had a msn message from the friend with whom I was supposed to stay overnight.I logged in today and saw it.He’d sent it when I wasn’t online.

The_Irishman’s_balanced_diet_iz_a_beer_in_each_hand said:

Buy yourself a new phone you eejit 🙂

Maybe it’s all down to that.

Catch my disease,a cool song by Aussie guy Ben Lee.

Have a nice day!





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