Across the Universe

Published July 20, 2009 by Dorothy
I fell asleep last night and I was there again.
Anytime I dream or think about Australia, it tends to be a week en in Victoria.This time was no exception.
It was all very clear;I was sitting in the Royal,listening to buzzing conversations and watching Dennis Walter’s local news about Sunraysia football league and the water situation.Then I was in the ute and I  could feel the blazing hot wind and the sleepiness of a long drive through the arid bushland.I could hear the exploding noise of shotguns at claybird shooting,and the crackly sound of cool cans of Couguar zero, VB and UDL being opened by merry guests on the barbie boat .I could feel the cool,mouth fiering but mind soothing vodka and lime cocktails drank in the backyard while cooking barbecue.I could smell the damp,fishy smell of the special pond full of yabbies in Dangalli.I could hear old fashioned country songs playing in the background and uncle Phil cracking jokes, and the guests increasingly sleepy laughs, as the sun retired in an explosion of colors,and the night unfolded its dark veil embroidered with millions of stars.
I woke up in grassy fields,I saw out of a window more shade of green that I thought existed before I came to Ireland.I listened to a hornpipe,notes swiftly bouncing in the air,I picked up my fiddle and played notes and laced them together into a jig.
Now,sometimes,I’d really like to be able to live in two places at the same time.

here’s  across the universe,one of my fave songs…

Stay tuned!



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