Hello Goodbye

Published July 19, 2009 by Dorothy

For a few reasons, I had to leave my job in Dublin two weeks early,ahd to leave the baby Beatles…and so that means I’m back to where it all started, staying in aul’ Firoda with Little Fairy,Little Elf, mammy, daddy and the new supernanny who is nice and comes fom Italy.Iz great.Was missing them.

But, have decided am still going to go back to Dublin for fiddle lessons because

a) Don’t want to dissapear on Sinead πŸ™‚

b) Am impatient to learn Slip Jigs and Reels

c) Fiddle lesson is the only place where I can play awful and do shite for two hours, and still get out feeling like I’m the musician of the century.All thanks to Sinead’s clever way to cricticise our performances “Yeah, the beginning was a bit funny and the end not so good,and the middle not exactly right yet, but overall, you’re all awesome, I’ve never heard a class play so well,that was wonderful,well done!”

Other news of the week

Had news from two of my three BFFs.Me and BFFs met in Australia,and now I live in Ireland, Marguerite in Korea,and Jennifer in Slovaquia.Still,even though we’re far apart,it just feels good to know they exist somewhere in the world.So am seeing BFF Marguerite this summer as we should both be in France at the same time for more than a week, ad this is an event about as rare as solar eclipses.If Jennifer can be there it would be just great! (but realistic probability of us three being on the same continent at the same time:about the same as winning tattslotto, one in several millions).

Had also occasion to talk to uncle Phil, our Aussie uncle,on the phone.Was three in the morning on a saturday night, and so was half asleep (coming back from clubbing) but still was very good to talk to him.Missing Australia loads.Loving Ireland,though.Dunno.

We’re going to west Cork with fellow nanny Do and her host family.They have a new three month old little Thumbelina baby I can’t wait to meet!!And I’m hoping to get some Irish dancing tips from six years old and four years old girls before I start in September. (Girls had already given me a crash lesson last year and I was quite hopeless at it but never mind.I’m made for Irish dancing, I mean,look at me, I have those ringlets naturally, I don’t even need to wear a wig like all these girls πŸ˜† )

Anyway! Hello Goodbye by the Beatles!

Have a nice day πŸ™‚



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