Spectacular Spectacular…

Published July 3, 2009 by Dorothy

…was the fiddle ensemble at our first group lesson today.Haha!

the teacher

Is very pleasant.

Read teacher’s biography on  myspace a few days before I started.Has been playing fiddle since before she could walk,has a PHDZXY in musicology,has played for the Queen of England the Marajah of Somethingland and still has patience for us bunch of eejit who can’t play A and G in a row because it’s too hard with the fingers.Very nice.Not at all as scary as her biography.Am liking her.

The pupils

All seem quite nice and were all just as terrified as I was.Am not the only one who’s fingers are shaking on the fingerboard!Only one guy there.All seemed quite good at fiddle, though, and they had no sellotape cheats on their fingerboard like I did:)  at least not until the end of the lesson.

the lesson

At the beginning,teacher had to tune all the fiddles so not much was going on.Was trying to chat us up but everyone was too terrified to respond in other ways than mutters and clattering teeth and borborygms.Communication didn’t get much better between teacher and pupils despite teacher’s claims that she did not intend to bite any of us.Am really going to make a conversation effort next time.

Have learned how not to play my D’s flat, and that’s all because of the position of my thumb 🙂 am pretty happy with that,and am doing lots of practice!Really looking forward to lessons now,and learning my first reel!

Overall,a lot of screechy sounds and discreet winces from Sinead “Hem,yeah,almost there!Well done!”

haha awesome fun!

Here’s the Spectacular Spectacular song from the Musical Moulin Rouge.Janey,haven’t seen that film in ages,makes me feel so nostalgic.Anyway.

Stay tuned!

M xx


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