Tiocfaidh an Samhradh (Summer Will Come)

Published June 24, 2009 by Dorothy

Last november, I was in Connemara and the scenery was all drowned in rain,wind battered and raw; it was hard to imagine summer could reach out to that part of Ireland,and well,it actually did. This time, it was almost sunny all day,the waterfalls had dried up due to lack of rain,and summer had extended a glittering green veil over the hills and mountains.It was completely different from the scorched land I had seen months before.

Good things about the day.

*Almost no rain.And a whole day with no rain in Connemara happens like, never! Weren’t we lucky! But well.Still is one of the nicest place I’ve seen.

*Tour guide didn’t make us listen to all the tourist songs all day in the bus, telling us that this is the true trad Irish music.Instead, he put on a cool proper trad CD and Do and I tried to guess if they were jigs or reels, marches or polkas or hornpipes.The music fitted incredibly well with the scenery.I even recognised a couple of tunes.

*Kylemore Abbey was less creepy when I was visiting with Do and not on my own.

What wasn’t so cool:

*Visit of Kylemore Abbey Garden.Started raining like mad(only rainy bit of the day), and couldn’t get a good picture:Hords of French people insisted on walking in front of me with their umbrellas while I was trying to take a pic. Seriously! If I’d wanted pictures of French people I would have stayed in bleedin Nantes!

*”Authentic” craft shop where we stopped for 25 minutes.Full of

  • tye dye extralarge shirts (Handmade in Donegal,the label said.Seriously.)
  • Yellow, orange and green raincoats, the kind I hadn’t seen since 1987 (Now whe knew where tourists we had seen the night before got there evening clothes from :lol:)
  • Keyrings “Céad mile failte” made in Taiwan
  • Romance novels that had nothing to do with anything


All in all it was a great day, excellent craic 🙂 I would so love to spend holidays in Connemara!

Here’s the song in my post title!


And stay tuned…!

M xx


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