The Way You Look Tonight (Galway part two)

Published June 24, 2009 by Dorothy

All right. So we were all sorted,and we were ready to go out.

We both had experienced nightlife in different Irish cities and knew for a fact that Irish girls dressed up very well to go out (like Aussie girls,despite the arctic climate in Ireland).

Not wanting to look underdressed,had brought our best dresses, Do had spend hours picking the right shoes,I had hesitated hours to decide if those shoes, this bag and these earrings  matched together and,having decided suddenly, at nine o’clock at night when shops were closed, that bare legs weren’t de saison , ended up buying a bandy aul pair of leggings off Do(8,95 e.).

All pampered and happy with ourselves, we left.I was wearing a blue satin dress and Do a nice empire line dress.On the way, we mat two women who threw us an incredulous look and almost stopped to stare ay us like we were creatures from outer space.

“Did you see how they looked at us ?” Do asked.

More people we crossed path with gave us that bewildered look and we soon noticed that almost nobody was dressed up like we were.We started to feel awkward and overdressed,big time.

“It’ll be OK, I said.Once we’re in the pubs everyone will be dressed like us”

We walked down to the main street where all the pubs were, and before we reached it, a woman wearing a sequined cowgirl hat,a t shirt that would fit a five years ld kid, supertight jeans and spike heels stopped us and handed us a flyer.

“We’re having a coyote girls night,ladies!No entrance fees, just for you!”

We politely refused.Did we just get invited to a Coyote Girls night ? That wasn’t because of the way we were dressed, was it ???

The funniest part was when we actually reached the pubs.They were full of tourists who were just coming back from their excursions and sported plastic waterproof jackets battered jeans, knitted jumpers from the seventies and runners.Pardon me?

“Where are all the dressed up people ?” Do asked.

We went to several pubs and we couldn’t find any of them.

We ended up finding a few nicely dressed girls later in the night but they were a minority.I now think being overdressed is waaaayyy more embarassing than being underdressed.

Anyway.I decided the best response to that was to get soopa doopa pissed and I was quite right;after a few drinks it wasn’t so important anymore and I did enjoy the trad band in this Irish pub even if it was soooo a tourist trap.




this is the song I named the post after (here sung by Rod Stewart but the original was Dean Martin if I’m not mistaken)

Enjoy , and stay tuned for part three,and our visit of Connemara!

M xx


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