She Don’t Care About Time (Galway part one)

Published June 19, 2009 by Dorothy

The Crazy Nannies week end in Galway.

15h40: Check in Lynfield House.

16H00:Going shopping for Do’s shoes (Had no shoes to go out the same night, so finding shoes crucially important.)

16H15:Do finds shoes in Penneys, size 7,her usual size. “Those are ginormous, too big for me” Do says.I rummage through racks of shoes and find size six.Do tries them on.

16h45:After walking through Dunnes Store back and fourth 29475683 times (Do has a hidden talent:Catwalk model.) Do realises those are squishing her left little toe and that is inadmissible.We are both very cross at Dunnes Store (Why would they produce such sneaky shoe size, I mean, you have to keep them on half an hour to know they are too small ? Seriously.) And give out loudly.Lady who was trying on shoes on little girl turns to us and seeing two mad women babbling in unintelligible weirdo language (French) quickly packs up child and runs away.

17h23: After rejecting several pairs of shoes at Dunnes (“I said black shoes.Do these look black to you?” “It’s black” “No no it’s kinda grey” “No it’s black” “Yeah from where you’re standing it’s black but see, on that angle it’s grey” “Well try these on then” “But they have bows on them” “Well?…” “Well won’t people think I’m an eejit if I wear shoes with bows? ” “…”) we head for Penneys.

17h25: After browsing Penney’s stylish selection of ballet flats (Pink see-trough plastic, orange with turquoise polka dots,etc,etc) head out of the shop and go back to Dunnes.

17h58:Do tried on about every pair of shoe on the rack but none is ok.Back to Penney’s in case we have missed something.Didn’t miss anything.Security guard didn’t miss us either and starts staring at us,with all the going in and out must be thinking we’re planning robbery.Heading to Barratts.

18h22:The funny thing about barratts is that you don’t have all sizes on display,like in Penneys or Dunnes, you have to ask employee everytime you need a new size.Barratts Girl goes back and forth several time.Am seriously hoping Do will buy something or  girl might throw shoes at us.Do hesitating,dangerously close to saying thank you very much for turning all your shoe stock upside down but am not buying anything.Fear on my side.Finally Do says magic words I’ve been waiting for for hours. “I’ll buy those.”

Already exhausted…..And what will the night be like ?

END of part one 🙂


(This is the song in the title of this post.)

If you want to read part two, about our “Bridget Jones” night in Galway, stick around! 🙂

M xx


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