Wind of change

Published May 22, 2009 by Dorothy

Hello faithful readers ! You were wondering, hey, you were biting your nails wondering where I had gone and why I wasn’t writing anymore! (Or more probably you didn’t give two s***s,ha).

Anyway,I will tell you what I have been up to, so many new things are happening, I don’t know where to start.

1) Move to Dublin: Mission accomplished.

I have three kiddies to mind as a job for the summer.As you will have noticed,I hardly ever give real names on that blog, I think nicknames are more funky and I want to preserve the people I write about’s privacy.These boys have supercool rock dudes hairdo,a bit like the Beatles! so there, I will nickname the eldest Ringo and the next Macca.For the little baby boy he reminds me of Tommy Pickles from the rugrats when he hangs around in his tee and little nappy, so let’s call him Tommy Pickles.

New  house is superclose to the city centre,close enough to go to Eason for no reason everyday (Am addicted to bookshop.Not sure it is healthy) ,although not close enough to have drunk people barfing and wrestling under my window at 3am every week end.Cool.

2) Sign up for music school:Mission accomplished.

I am a bit nervous about that one.Given that I get all nervous and can’t play properly when just one person is in the room with me,I wonder how I will do in front of a whole class ? Just hope I won’t make too much of an eejit out of myself, is all 🙂 but am totally excited about having an excuse to walk around the streets with the fiddle case again (have to find myself some sticker saying stuff like “Ballyshannon Tradfest” or “Fiddler’s green Festival 2006” and stick them on the fiddle case so everyone will think I’m so cool and I have been doing gigs all other the place).

3)Transferring all stuff from Castlecomer to Dublin:Misson accomplished

Janey Mack!Who knew I had so much stuff ? I thought it would all fit in a couple of suitcases, well:error.

I had three suitcases, and no,all  my  stuff didn’t fit in those, so I had to use two ginormous rubbish bags to pack the rest. Aren’t I travelling in style, I ask you ? Anyway, the main thing is, it’s all here,even though I’ kinda wondering how am I going to move it again in August when I have to.I’m going to invest in Hermes luggage.I’m so not using the rubbish bags again.

4)Waxing upper lip:mission failed.

I have had the project to wax that annoying mini moustache for a while but was a bit worried.I bought a pack of facial waxing strips 3973538 years ago and carried it around with me, but never found it in me to use it; finally, after having a look at myself  in the mirror today and fingering the thick fur above my lip, I decided I’d wax it , and right now.

On the box they say it’s easy to use.Just apply the strip, warm wax with your hand,pull, and the hair is gone.Well you know what, I did everything they said,applied the stip, warmed, pulled, and the hair wasn’t gone.The wax, on the other hand, had come off the strip and was stuck on my face.I tried rubbing it off, but no, wouldn’t come off.

Went in the shower.Directed the jet of red hot water on the wax.Was able to rub a micro bit off.wax kinda melted and spread to my cheek.Half my face was now covered in blue wax.Came out the shower.Looked in the mirror.Made mental note- I’d do a good smurf (schtroumf), have to audition if ever Hollywood makes a film version.This could be my big break.No kidding. )

Finally almost all the wax came off after about an hour of relentless rubbing.Skin was now red instead of blue, and still had bizarre shine about it. Was kind of an improvement though. “You’re all sticky” Macca said when he saw me.”Have you been eating sweets ?”. Decided I would go to a professional next time I want to try waxing.

Now I’m not sure you’ve noticed but have been naming my posts after songs.Wind of change is from the band Scorpions-have a listen,

Nice day to you!

M xx


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