Here,There and Everywhere

Published May 6, 2009 by Dorothy

So that’s it, I’m leaving on friday.

Yesterday I was all over Dublin trying to find going away presents for Mammy and Daddy (The childen are easy to buy presents for, but mammy and daddy,it’s a different story). I settled for a book for mammy (I hope she doesn’t have it already) and a DVD about Ireland for daddy.(I know, everybody told me it’s a dumb idea, who would like to see on DVD the place you already live in and see everyday ? But it’s a very interesting dvd with good images,and interesting commentary.I know because I’ve watched it myself, and I did like it.And no, I’m not a nerdy moron.)

Anyway, after that I went  to the gift bag section of eason.The gift bags were either ginormous or tiny,I couldn’t find anything that was the right size.I eventually found the one and only bag that was the exact size of daddy’s DVD but the pastel blue color put me off a bit.I didn’t buy it in the end.Anyway, I’m almost sure presenting your boss a gift bag that reads: “Hey baby boy!” is most inapropriate.

For mammy the bags were all neon pink and saying things like “Party Girl!” “Hey cool chick” “Shoe addict”.Ditto.Didn’t buy it.

Settled for gift wrap in the end, but it got all scrunched in my bag and there’s a bit of mayo from my BLT sandwich that leaked onto mammy’s wrapper.Am wondering if I could get a bit of mayo out of the fridge and draw a pattern and tell mammy it’s art nouveau gift wrap ?

It’s not at all sinking in that I’m leaving in two days.

All things must pass, like George would say.


(song by the Beatles,1966, see video)


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