Published April 21, 2009 by Dorothy

We went to a classic cars exhibition on Sunday with mammy daddy and the two little ones, in two of daddy’s classic sportscars.


What was good:


  • We had (in my opinion) the coolest cars,only we looked a little bit uncool when the batteries in one of them went flat and we had to get out and push it uphill.Mammy and I tried to help but we were quite useless.We pushed it like, tree inches forward and it was the end of it, we were panting and gagging and in need of cold drinks.So daddy had to beg a grandad who was only there to take a few pictures of the engine, to push the car with him. The car wouldn’t start.the only solution was to push it downhill but with all the visitors cars driving up, it was impossible. Had to abandon ship temporarily until people stopped coming in
  • It was sunny.
  • The cars were actually quite cool (not that I know anything about cars.Except how to scare the mickey out of the passengers when I drive one.)



What wasn’t so good:


  • Sitting on the hobbit-sized backseat of the classic Porsche. It took me approximately half an hour to get in and hallf an hour to get out.I had to duck my head and my chin was resting on my knees,and I reckon if I had had one more Twix that morning,I wouldn’t have fitted in.
  • The unfriendliness of the staff at the event. Spent the afternoon getting roared at. It started when we arrived and when daddy discovered he was a few bobs short for the entry fee and asked if he could get out of the queue and back to town to find an ATM: “No ye can’t turn round here ye have ter go forward!just gimme whatever cash ye got an get outa me way!Those bleedin tourists, they’d put years on ye!” And then I thought they were going to squish us when the car broke down in the middle of the tracks! the same lady came running as soom as she saw us getting out to push the car: “Lookit!” she yelled “Ye’re not parkin here ye mob of aul eejits!”


That was funny alltogether!


Today, day off, but not off the fiddle and the whistle! The Jig I’m learning to play on the whistle is starting to come together, and on the fiddle well, nothing is coming together really, I’m practising, to learn the fingercharts.So I just kind of play all the notes one after the other, over and over again.It is like a tune, really, it could be called “The Firoda Jig-Have you a headache yet ?-I bet Mammy regrets giving me a fiddle lesson”


Haha! Available in all good music stores soon!


After my practice I went to have a packet of Mr Tayto crisps (I won’t fit at the back of the classic car at all soon), I was crunching away thinking these crisps had some kind of unusual flavour, when I smelled my hands and realised my hands were still dusted with rosin (The resin thingy you use to powder your bow when you play the fiddle) Eww!

Well actually when I think of it, it wasn’t so bad.I’m thinking of writing to Mr Tayto and suggesting they lauch a new roisin flavour.It might be a hit with musicians.


Allright, I’ll head off!




Stay tuned.

M xx


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