Rainy day

Published April 17, 2009 by Dorothy

having a stay at home day today.Quite depressing-don’t know why-maybe the weather.

And you know what, there’s nothing like music practice to take your mind of things.I was practicing fiddle in the sitting room (After 397354785 hours I could play a rather terrible version of the britches full of stitches) and I was so busy worrying about my wrist inclination and my bowing and I-hope-nobody-is-going to-walk-in-on-me-and hear-that-dreadful-screeching rhat I forgot about being depressed.

here is a nice song to ornament your day,

You will notice Mairead is not playing the fiddle on that video. I can’t listen to Mairead playing the fiddle since I’ve started learning, without feeling incredibly lame 😆

ha!only kidding.I’m still addicted to Imeall!

Stay tuned, lads!

M xx


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