The rock of Cashel (And other adventures of this week)

Published April 14, 2009 by Dorothy
outside the building

outside the building

inside the Cathedral

inside the Cathedral

The rock of Cashel (Co Tipperary)

The rock of Cashel (Co Tipperary)


We went to visit the quite famous rock of Cashel (Click link for infos about it). I really enjoyed it like I enjoy visiting any historical building and the guided tour was interesting, I felt quite clever afterwards (On the phone to friends after the visit: “What, didn’t you know king Aenghus was converted by St Patrick in the 5th century in county Tipperary? Mate you really need to go back to school…”).

There was a battered aul’ cross outside the cathedral and the guide informed us that there was a legend that said if you could hop on one leg nine times around it you’d be married in the following year.Didn’t do it. Was unconvinced that hoping around on one foot, looking like an eejit in front of everyone, would help me pick up a potential husband.

The visit really inspired me loads of potential novels but nothing to help with the current novel I really want to finish before I start anything else. I have reached the 1/3 mark and I am a bit uninspired at the moment, trying to find interesting twists to the story and decide between different plotlines.At least for once I have my title already, The Green Haven, and the story is about immigrants trying to settle in Ireland with difficulty.And of course my heroine is going to be sucked into Irish music like I have been.

And….great news….I have the Fiddle!

This time I went to the shop with Fellow Nanny Donyah and I behaved myself and I did buy the fiddle. It was great fun walking around Dublin with the fiddle case pretending I was the new Mairead ni Mhaonaigh , I was like, walking fast with a  “I’ve a gig ,I’m busy”  put on face.When I was really thinking “I haven’t got a clue how to play that thingy”.Haha!

 I’ve started practicing on the fiddle and I don’t think I’m too bad at it yet, after a while I could manage to play all the notes on the fingercharts without producing glass shattering screeches. I’m a bit concerned my own playing gave me a headache this morning, though. I don’t think that’s a good sign, is it ?

Will keep you updated on my progress.

Stick around folks!

M xx


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