Nighty night

Published April 8, 2009 by Dorothy

00H47 : Woken by Psycho dogs Tigger and Storm who carried on barking for half an hour for no reason.Couldn’t go back to sleep.Resorted to playing “Recently purchased” playlist on Ipod.Fell back asleep to soothing Harp music found on Itunes (Cormac de Barra and Grainne Hambly).

1H29 : Forgot I had also recently purchased King of Leon album and woke up to “Sex on Fire”  blasting in my ears.

2H32 : Had strange nightmare which I don’t quite remember, all I know is at some point I woke up with a start. I can recall it involved a) Fellow French Nanny b) A giant slab of Parmesan cheese c)a wedding d)Ray Quinn e)Danny Bonaduce f) A sundried tomatoes battle.Am seriously thinking of getting professional help.

3H20: Woken by loud banging noise somewhere in giant house. Felt I had to investigate as to find out where did the noise come from.Regretted I hadn’t taken a leaf out of these housewifes in American movies’ book and thought of keeping a baseball bat under my bed at all times.Looked for kids hurlies but did not find them.Finally had to resort to knife but think Bob the Builder decorations on handle might have harmed crediblilty in case of actual encounter with burglar.Did not find source of noise.Said F**k it and went back to bed.

6H30 : Dora the Explorer clock in Little Fairy’s bedroom usually set to wake her up at around the 7H30 mark,inexplicably woke her up an hour earlier.Convinced Fairy it was still the middle of the night and she had to go back to sleep even though the sun was shining through window.

6H35 : Dora the Explorer going bleedin senile.Woke Fairy again.

7H3o: Actual wake up time. A shame. Was peacefully sleeping at last.

9Hoo: Slap on face.Opened eyes to see little face,gummy smile. “Play with Cahie ?” then frown, blue eyes darkened with concern. “Not well ? Cahie kiss you better.”

M xx


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