Hey Diddle diddle,I didn’t buy my fiddle

Published April 4, 2009 by Dorothy

I don’t know what’s up with me these days,I just feel and look tired all the time,I hope I’m not coming down with something.

Yesterday morning, when I got up and looked in the mirror I gave myself a fright;my eyes were all puffy and circled with black,I looked like I’d just had a fight with Kenny Egan rather than a good night of sleep.Because I was going to Dublin I tried to conceal all that with make up, but my friends, make up is not for me.

Some girls wear it well.Like, I thought people who’s make up held together all day and always looked ready for the read carpet no matter what time it was only existed in “The young and the Restless” but that was before I met mammy’s sister aunty E.Aunty E’s make up just always look perfect, from dawn to dusk and beyond, and I really wish I was like that, effortlessly chic but it’s not at all the case. 
Mascara makes me cry and the tear make my eye liner go to shit;and the base and powder give me rash;I’m wearing this stuff right now which according to the ad “suits all skin tones for an effortlessly glowing skin”.Well, I tell you, it doesn’t suit my skin tone.It’s too light, it makes me look like a ghost.But then again, I looked like a poreless ghost and the dark circles were a tad concealed so I kept it on.I did find a color lipstick that suits me but, I have a problem:I don’t know how I do it but I eat my lipstick, I put it on, and five minutes later it has disappeared.Not to mention that one out of three times one of my eyes will be bloodshot from accidental poking with my mascara wand.
So when I wear make up on I end up looking scarier than when I don’t.Which I don’t think is right.

Anyway, I went to Dublin, to this Irish music shop to ask a few questions about the fiddles; I have already been to this other shop but the Goth shop assistant didn’t seem to have a clue about traditional music and kept calling fiddles violins which was annoying (I know, technically they are exactly the same.But still.) I walked in and there was a few trad music CDs and then all the sudden I spotted it.Imeall.Mairead ni Mhaonaigh’s solo album.I have  to explain to you why this is big deal:

It’s a limited edition, there is only 3000 copies of it, and I couldn’t find it anywhere until then.It is possible to buy it with a credit card on the net, but I have to wait till August when I go back to France to renew my expired credit card and by then, the 3000 copies would probably be gone.I have been looking desperately in every CD shop I could find and never found it and here it was! I squealed and ran and grabbed it and then danced a little reel.I’m actually very good at Irish dancing when I’m particularly happy (Note to self: Browse the internet for Irish dancing classes.You never know, I could have a talent undiscovered till now, I could be the next Mickaella Flatley and do Riverdance and become rich and famous. :lol:)Anyway the shop assistant was staring at me, whether it was because my make up made me look like I’d just walked out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video or because I was dancing and squealing in the middle of the shop I do not know. Probably a combination of the two.So I went to pay and I totally forgot to ask about the fiddle.I’ll go buy it next week.

Talk soon folks!

stay tuned

M xx


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