On the road again

Published April 2, 2009 by Dorothy

When I have to go somewhere I usually leave the packing until the very last evening before D-day and then I have to stay up until four o’clock in the morning trying to fit zillions of clothes and the entire content of my bookshelves in a suitcase. (I am not the “travelling light” type. I mean, what’s the go with travelling light ? If you don’t put enough in your suitcase you end up having to buy everything you need,anyway. So by packing everything you have in your appartment but the furniture,like I did when I came to Ireland, you save money.Well,I had to pay 150 euros at the airport.But still.)

This time, though,I’m going to be a wise traveller and start packing a month before I leave! I’m started already actually! So far, I’ve packed:

-My books.In fact, I’ve packed all my books in a big Dunnes canvas bag a few month ago,in an effort to keep my room tidy.But they all,like,fell out.I have to re-pack someday.
-The three mouldy cadbury cookies I found under my bed the other day. (Packed them in a plastic bag and threw them in the trash. I wonder how did that get there anyway ?)
-My Hairspray DVD (packed it at christmas time, when I went away for a few days and never took it out of the suitcase since.So it’s packed, right ?)
-All my Clannad and Moya Brennan CDs.What, it’s a big achievement.I mean, just with all the albums and reeditions and super deluxe editions and remastered editiond and live sessions I have of Clannad I could open a CD shop,easy.So after packing all that I was too fed up with packing to do anything else, as you’l easily understand.
-My XXL tin of Quality Streets I got for Xmas. Actually, I found the tin I completely forgot about, ate all the chocolate in it in about twenty minutes and then chucked it away. That counts for packing.No?

Will keep up the hard work and keep ya updated.

See ya!


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