Tomorrow never knows

Published March 28, 2009 by Dorothy
Janey I miss being a kid.I miss the childish fun, the times when a Math test was considered a serious problem and when I was really convinced that I was going to grow up to ,marry Collin Farrell and have a mansion in Beverly Hills and a Castle in Ireland (Janey, wasn’t I a tool) .
I miss when nothing was decided for me at all, when I was at a crossroads and knew I could go any number of ways.

I miss when I could eat truckloads of sweets without thinking about what kind of chemicals am I ingesting and how many pounds have I just put on;

I miss believing in impossible things like Santa Clause, Love at first sight and all.

Above all I miss when I could think about next year, or in five years, with the same blissful indifference; when I didn’t know about time, when it was so abundant in front of me I could afford not to count it down.

But anyway. I’m no kid no more and so I’d better get myself a job soon. Still looking!

Will keep ya posted!

I’ll conclude with that nice Clannad song,

Nice evening to you,



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