Here comes the Sun, little darling

Published March 28, 2009 by Dorothy

Here comes the sun is one of the songs that is in the brand new playlist I’ve put together today on my Ipod, called “To Cheer Me Up When I’m Depressed and Disorderly”.

Now if you remember, yesterday I was a bit depressed and Australia sick.And as music has quite a big inflence on my mood, I decided it was a good idea today to stay away from any songs remotely linked to Australia and any sad song in general.I decided to go for happy music.

I put the cheeriest, most optimistic, sometimes cheesy songs I could find in my music collection on that playlist. “Good morning Baltiomore” and “Ladies Choice” from the Hairspray soundtrack, and Dirty Dancing songs, light Beatles songs like I feel fine and when I’m sixty four.And that album of really cool old standards sung by Ray Quinn.

If I had High School Musical, I would have put it in the playlist (mental note:Steal CD from little sister next time I got to my parents’) not that I’m that fond of High School Musical but it reminds me of Christmas when little sis got the High school musical singstar CD from Santie and we spent the day singing the ears of the neighbours “WE ARE AAAAAAAAALLLL IN THHIIIIIIIS TOGEEEEEEETHER” Though they smiled at us and said they were listening to the lovely singing until three o clock in the morning, I had the feeling they had the shits.(Funnily enough, after that, they got the curious habit of moving their furniture aroud at seven in the morning while listening to heavy metal.)

But anyway, I played the cheery songs over over and over again, till I wasn’t feeling depressed anymore.I’m okay now. In fact,I haven’t felt that cheesy since the time when I spent a week end in Disneyland,and Disneyland is quite hard core on the cheesy stuff.I mean, they want to lift people’s mood so bad that they let out herds of fake fairy princesses and have loudspeakers playing music from Bambi and Alice in Wonderland and the little Mermaid in every corner,and even in the toilets.
True story.

I’d better get to bed, it’s really late and I’m working tomorrow!

Talk soon!


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