The land down under, where women glow and men chunder.

Published March 26, 2009 by Dorothy

I’ve just listened to that song about Australia, and you know what ? Now I’m kinda nostalgic-depressed. I miss Australia like you can’t imagine. I miss the bush where the sky is populated with so many stars, and more shooting stars than wishes I can think of. I miss the footy tippings, the sour taste of canned UDL, the silence you can’t find anywhere but in the outback.Silence, it is a sound,indeed; it is like emeralds, so easily shattered,it is only the rare gems that do not break that are precious. In Australia, I know exactly where, you can find gems of silence.

I am going to enter an online footy tipping competition to keep in touch with my old aussie life, yes, my clocks are still at Australian time an I know the footy season is starting soon !Hey!

The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I’d miss Ireland just the same way if I went back to Oz tomorrow.

But what I miss, I realize, is the travelling, the change, the discovery of new lands or rediscovery of things I’ve forgotten. I find it so difficult to stay in one place. The winds blow in all directions,they wisper in my ears of  colours I’ve never seen and songs I’ve never heard, spices I’ve never tasted and scents I’ve never smelled. I sometimes wish they would take me around with them.

Janey, I’m getting so serious. What I need is, my best two mates Ben and Jerry,some couguar zero,my eeyore pyjamas and a video of Dancing on Ice.

that’ll cheer me up.


(that aussie song I was talking about.So many memories in that happy little tune)

Have a nice evening!



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