Struggle Uphill

Published March 26, 2009 by Dorothy

So I’ve been looking for work in Dublin, there seems to be a few things but nothing’s sure yet. (If you remember, my nanny job ends in early May, I’ve decided to move to Dublin).I’ve decided, if I can’t find any work I’ll go back to being a nanny, I’m not that bad at it, children like me because I keep tripping over toys and falling flat on my face, trying to learn Irish dancing from them and ending up looking like a drunk leprechaun, and putting my clothes inside out (when I wrote on my internet au pair profile “kids have fun with me” I wasn’t joking, period)

I’ve been looking for a flat too; I’ve visited one “Room in city center, ideally situated” Okay, it was not far from Henry street, in the city, but a room in a flat that hasn’t been cleaned since 1754 between two Polish lads who were so high on weed that they couldn’t speak English anymore isn’t what I call “Ideally situated”.

Then there’s the one “in the suburbs but close to public transports, easy access to the city center and shopping mall just down the street”. Well first of all, I’m wondering what they were thinking when they wrote “easy access to city centre”.Do they, like, own a private jet ? Because unless you do,there’s no easy access to the city centre. If you use the road, there’s traffic jams all the way and the bus stopped about 39745837629 times, so it took 1h30 to get there from the city and 1h30 to come back. And the Dundrum shopping mall was down the street from the appartment, yes, but shouldn’t they mention that the street is ten miles long ??

Anyway. Let’s get to the entertainment talk now, because that jobs and appartments business is stressing me out.

I’m thinking of going to a dancing on ice show,to feed my dancing on ice addiction (I know, I’m a loser).Though tickets are quite expansive they are selling fast,a few shows are sold out already..I’m thinking of going to one of the shows in Belfast, in May.It should be very good. And after that, I’ll go cold turkey, no more dancing on ice DVDs or watching Torvill and Dean on youtube or dowloading the songs Ray Quinn and Zoe Salmon were skating to on my Ipod. Promise.

And I’m also thinking of going to an Altan gig in Portlaoise in April.This should be very good, and I’m going to bully Fellow Nanny into coming with me, because after the Derry adventure I’ve promised myself not to go to concerts on my own anymore. And this time if I meet Mairead ni Mhaonaigh in the toilets I’ll ask for an autograph, ha!

Stay tuned lads!

M xx

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