All things must pass

Published March 23, 2009 by Dorothy

No more “Noooo I’m not your little princess, don’t you know princesses own castles ? I’m KY-A-RA!”

No more extorsion of sticky kisses full of yoghurt (Two kisses for a gingerbread man, not negotiable)

No more coming in the sitting room in the morning and seeing two feet poking out from behind the curtain “Haha you will never find me (giggles)”and pacing around the room shouting :”But where is Kyara ? Oh noooooo I’ve lost Kyara, she ran away, I must ring mammy and daddy and the Guards!”

No more scary dinosaures jumping at me everyday, the type of dinosaures with fourteen teeths and about two feet high, the ones that watch Peppa Pig and eat moon biscuits;

The big move to Dublin is for next month, I’m excited but I’ll miss the little princess Rapunzel and the little Cahie 😀

They were very funny again yesterday. We were going to a christening and Little Girl didn’t want to get dressed, so I argumented that if she put her nice sunday dress on she’d look like a princess (And she did, honest) then once the dress was on she was delighted with it and kept twirling around saying “I’m a fairy princess! I’m a princess!”.

Then I got little boy dressed in his sunday clothes too and as soon as he was ready, guess what he did ? Started dancing around saying “I’m a princess!”

So I corrected him “No you’re not a princess, you’re…a prince!”

Five minutes later, when mammy and daddy arrived, little boy shouted happily:

“Mammy! Daddy!” Then he started dancing and declared: “I’m Prince!”

Mammy and daddy looked at each other then at me and I heard what was unsaid: “what is she doing to our children ?”

The christening in itself was nice enough, we went to a church and then to a restaurant, my friend the fellow french nanny  was there. She is working for mammy’s sister’s aunty P and minding three children.  I think living in the country and not going out very often is seriously getting to us. Like, we’re addicted to Dancing on Ice which is quite bad; the finals were last night, we’ve taped it but haven’t watched it yet; and all I can think about since yesterday is I hope Ray Quinn has won because that would be so unfair if Donal McIntyre won,I like him but only because he’s Irish, and I can’t wait to see the costumes, and I bet Jessica is going to be great and it’s a shame Zoe was voted out and blahblah, I’m totally obsessed. And I’m a teeny bit upset that it’s over because I’m going to miss watching it every week. I’d better get myself a life, honestly.

Right-o, I’ll let you go, but only after you’ve heard that set of tunes, it’s called, hang on: Are You Ready Yet?/The Tailor’s Thimble/Donoghue’s Reel/I’m Ready Now! Some title, innit! I love these tunes, anyhow. Oh, and the band playing on this video is called Danu.

See ya soon! Will try to keep ya posted!

M xx

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