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Tomorrow never knows

Published March 28, 2009 by Dorothy
Janey I miss being a kid.I miss the childish fun, the times when a Math test was considered a serious problem and when I was really convinced that I was going to grow up to ,marry Collin Farrell and have a mansion in Beverly Hills and a Castle in Ireland (Janey, wasn’t I a tool) .
I miss when nothing was decided for me at all, when I was at a crossroads and knew I could go any number of ways.

I miss when I could eat truckloads of sweets without thinking about what kind of chemicals am I ingesting and how many pounds have I just put on;

I miss believing in impossible things like Santa Clause, Love at first sight and all.

Above all I miss when I could think about next year, or in five years, with the same blissful indifference; when I didn’t know about time, when it was so abundant in front of me I could afford not to count it down.

But anyway. I’m no kid no more and so I’d better get myself a job soon. Still looking!

Will keep ya posted!

I’ll conclude with that nice Clannad song,

Nice evening to you,



Here comes the Sun, little darling

Published March 28, 2009 by Dorothy

Here comes the sun is one of the songs that is in the brand new playlist I’ve put together today on my Ipod, called “To Cheer Me Up When I’m Depressed and Disorderly”.

Now if you remember, yesterday I was a bit depressed and Australia sick.And as music has quite a big inflence on my mood, I decided it was a good idea today to stay away from any songs remotely linked to Australia and any sad song in general.I decided to go for happy music.

I put the cheeriest, most optimistic, sometimes cheesy songs I could find in my music collection on that playlist. “Good morning Baltiomore” and “Ladies Choice” from the Hairspray soundtrack, and Dirty Dancing songs, light Beatles songs like I feel fine and when I’m sixty four.And that album of really cool old standards sung by Ray Quinn.

If I had High School Musical, I would have put it in the playlist (mental note:Steal CD from little sister next time I got to my parents’) not that I’m that fond of High School Musical but it reminds me of Christmas when little sis got the High school musical singstar CD from Santie and we spent the day singing the ears of the neighbours “WE ARE AAAAAAAAALLLL IN THHIIIIIIIS TOGEEEEEEETHER” Though they smiled at us and said they were listening to the lovely singing until three o clock in the morning, I had the feeling they had the shits.(Funnily enough, after that, they got the curious habit of moving their furniture aroud at seven in the morning while listening to heavy metal.)

But anyway, I played the cheery songs over over and over again, till I wasn’t feeling depressed anymore.I’m okay now. In fact,I haven’t felt that cheesy since the time when I spent a week end in Disneyland,and Disneyland is quite hard core on the cheesy stuff.I mean, they want to lift people’s mood so bad that they let out herds of fake fairy princesses and have loudspeakers playing music from Bambi and Alice in Wonderland and the little Mermaid in every corner,and even in the toilets.
True story.

I’d better get to bed, it’s really late and I’m working tomorrow!

Talk soon!

The land down under, where women glow and men chunder.

Published March 26, 2009 by Dorothy

I’ve just listened to that song about Australia, and you know what ? Now I’m kinda nostalgic-depressed. I miss Australia like you can’t imagine. I miss the bush where the sky is populated with so many stars, and more shooting stars than wishes I can think of. I miss the footy tippings, the sour taste of canned UDL, the silence you can’t find anywhere but in the outback.Silence, it is a sound,indeed; it is like emeralds, so easily shattered,it is only the rare gems that do not break that are precious. In Australia, I know exactly where, you can find gems of silence.

I am going to enter an online footy tipping competition to keep in touch with my old aussie life, yes, my clocks are still at Australian time an I know the footy season is starting soon !Hey!

The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I’d miss Ireland just the same way if I went back to Oz tomorrow.

But what I miss, I realize, is the travelling, the change, the discovery of new lands or rediscovery of things I’ve forgotten. I find it so difficult to stay in one place. The winds blow in all directions,they wisper in my ears of  colours I’ve never seen and songs I’ve never heard, spices I’ve never tasted and scents I’ve never smelled. I sometimes wish they would take me around with them.

Janey, I’m getting so serious. What I need is, my best two mates Ben and Jerry,some couguar zero,my eeyore pyjamas and a video of Dancing on Ice.

that’ll cheer me up.


(that aussie song I was talking about.So many memories in that happy little tune)

Have a nice evening!


Struggle Uphill

Published March 26, 2009 by Dorothy

So I’ve been looking for work in Dublin, there seems to be a few things but nothing’s sure yet. (If you remember, my nanny job ends in early May, I’ve decided to move to Dublin).I’ve decided, if I can’t find any work I’ll go back to being a nanny, I’m not that bad at it, children like me because I keep tripping over toys and falling flat on my face, trying to learn Irish dancing from them and ending up looking like a drunk leprechaun, and putting my clothes inside out (when I wrote on my internet au pair profile “kids have fun with me” I wasn’t joking, period)

I’ve been looking for a flat too; I’ve visited one “Room in city center, ideally situated” Okay, it was not far from Henry street, in the city, but a room in a flat that hasn’t been cleaned since 1754 between two Polish lads who were so high on weed that they couldn’t speak English anymore isn’t what I call “Ideally situated”.

Then there’s the one “in the suburbs but close to public transports, easy access to the city center and shopping mall just down the street”. Well first of all, I’m wondering what they were thinking when they wrote “easy access to city centre”.Do they, like, own a private jet ? Because unless you do,there’s no easy access to the city centre. If you use the road, there’s traffic jams all the way and the bus stopped about 39745837629 times, so it took 1h30 to get there from the city and 1h30 to come back. And the Dundrum shopping mall was down the street from the appartment, yes, but shouldn’t they mention that the street is ten miles long ??

Anyway. Let’s get to the entertainment talk now, because that jobs and appartments business is stressing me out.

I’m thinking of going to a dancing on ice show,to feed my dancing on ice addiction (I know, I’m a loser).Though tickets are quite expansive they are selling fast,a few shows are sold out already..I’m thinking of going to one of the shows in Belfast, in May.It should be very good. And after that, I’ll go cold turkey, no more dancing on ice DVDs or watching Torvill and Dean on youtube or dowloading the songs Ray Quinn and Zoe Salmon were skating to on my Ipod. Promise.

And I’m also thinking of going to an Altan gig in Portlaoise in April.This should be very good, and I’m going to bully Fellow Nanny into coming with me, because after the Derry adventure I’ve promised myself not to go to concerts on my own anymore. And this time if I meet Mairead ni Mhaonaigh in the toilets I’ll ask for an autograph, ha!

Stay tuned lads!

M xx

All things must pass

Published March 23, 2009 by Dorothy

No more “Noooo I’m not your little princess, don’t you know princesses own castles ? I’m KY-A-RA!”

No more extorsion of sticky kisses full of yoghurt (Two kisses for a gingerbread man, not negotiable)

No more coming in the sitting room in the morning and seeing two feet poking out from behind the curtain “Haha you will never find me (giggles)”and pacing around the room shouting :”But where is Kyara ? Oh noooooo I’ve lost Kyara, she ran away, I must ring mammy and daddy and the Guards!”

No more scary dinosaures jumping at me everyday, the type of dinosaures with fourteen teeths and about two feet high, the ones that watch Peppa Pig and eat moon biscuits;

The big move to Dublin is for next month, I’m excited but I’ll miss the little princess Rapunzel and the little Cahie 😀

They were very funny again yesterday. We were going to a christening and Little Girl didn’t want to get dressed, so I argumented that if she put her nice sunday dress on she’d look like a princess (And she did, honest) then once the dress was on she was delighted with it and kept twirling around saying “I’m a fairy princess! I’m a princess!”.

Then I got little boy dressed in his sunday clothes too and as soon as he was ready, guess what he did ? Started dancing around saying “I’m a princess!”

So I corrected him “No you’re not a princess, you’re…a prince!”

Five minutes later, when mammy and daddy arrived, little boy shouted happily:

“Mammy! Daddy!” Then he started dancing and declared: “I’m Prince!”

Mammy and daddy looked at each other then at me and I heard what was unsaid: “what is she doing to our children ?”

The christening in itself was nice enough, we went to a church and then to a restaurant, my friend the fellow french nanny  was there. She is working for mammy’s sister’s aunty P and minding three children.  I think living in the country and not going out very often is seriously getting to us. Like, we’re addicted to Dancing on Ice which is quite bad; the finals were last night, we’ve taped it but haven’t watched it yet; and all I can think about since yesterday is I hope Ray Quinn has won because that would be so unfair if Donal McIntyre won,I like him but only because he’s Irish, and I can’t wait to see the costumes, and I bet Jessica is going to be great and it’s a shame Zoe was voted out and blahblah, I’m totally obsessed. And I’m a teeny bit upset that it’s over because I’m going to miss watching it every week. I’d better get myself a life, honestly.

Right-o, I’ll let you go, but only after you’ve heard that set of tunes, it’s called, hang on: Are You Ready Yet?/The Tailor’s Thimble/Donoghue’s Reel/I’m Ready Now! Some title, innit! I love these tunes, anyhow. Oh, and the band playing on this video is called Danu.

See ya soon! Will try to keep ya posted!

M xx

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