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You thought I gave up my blog? well no, you’re not rid of me yet :))

Published February 1, 2009 by Dorothy

No, I’m just having internet issues at home…

Now did I tell you the last thing that happened to me?

Yesterday I was at the Dublin Tradfest, at a traditional Irish music concert.Were performing:the very good Triona and Maighread ni Dhomnaill, and my favourites musicians Mairead ni Mhaonaigh and Moya Brennan.

I was shopping in Dublin all day before the concert, but since I still have problems with the Irish climate,I can only spent limited periods of time outside, or else I’ll just freeze and pass out 😆 and I have to revive myself drinking warm drinks all day.So I had had about 856744845 skinny Cappuccinos by the time I arrived to the concert venue, the Button Factory.(check the link if you’re a Tradaddict like me, there’s some good concerts there)And the first thing I did was of course rushing to the loo. So I went on with my little business, opened the door, walked out, and guess who I bumped into ? The very Mairead ni Mhaonaigh, yes yes,one of my fave musicians in the whole world!!!Unfortunately,in that kind of situations, my mouth mysteriously disconnects itself from my brain,so well, I didn’t say that I ended up in Ireland partly because of her and that one of her fiddle tunes inspired me my novel “The Green Haven”, or nothing. I just stood there looking like some gobsmacked idiot.I could have asked for a picture or autograph, you will say. But I though better of it. After all, she was on her way IN the toilets, and I didn’t know how many skinny cappuccinos she had had, and I didn’t want to hold her up and cause her some physical discomfort. So we just smiled to each other, which is better that nothing.

The toilets.My life is so glamorous, isn’t it ? 😆 well at least, they were clean.

The concert in itself was wicked!! I was on the second row but the fella in front of me took his chair and nicked off somewhere with it, so that put me in the first row, and right in front of Moya Brennan, so I was able to take a few snaps.




From left to right: Triona ni Dhomnaill, Maighread ni Dhomnaill,Mairead ni Mhaonaigh, Moya Brennan

stay tuned!! (I’ll write as often as I can)



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